[ PM] Faculty of Policy Management
[ EI] Faculty of Environment and Information Studies
[ NMC] Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care
[ MAG] Graduate School of Media and Governance
[ HM] Graduate School of Health Management
[ Other]
Graduate School of Health Management
Miki Akiyama EI Professor Health Communication, Community Health, Public Health, Epidemiology, Health Policy.
Koichiro Azuma Other Research Associate
Miyuki Ezura HM Part-time Lecturer Health Management
Chieko Fujii NMC Professor
Noriko Fukuda NMC Associate Professor
Rika Fukui NMC Associate Professor
Jun Fukuyoshi HM Part-time Lecturer
Sachi Furuya HM Part-time Lecturer
eishu Hai HM Project Professor
Takeshi Hashimoto HM Associate Professor
Koji Hirayama HM Part-time Lecturer Intellectual Property Law
KAYO HIROOKA HM Part-time Lecturer
Mitsunori Hiyama HM Part-time Lecturer
Satoko Hotta HM Professor
Ataru Inagaki HM Part-time Lecturer
Chiiko Inoshita HM Part-time Lecturer
Hideo Inubushi HM Part-time Lecturer
Hiroyuki Ishida HM Associate Professor sports medicine, internal medicine
Eri Ishikawa HM Project Assistant Professor
Mitsuhiro Kamakura NMC Professor
Sonosuke Kamiya HM Part-time Lecturer
Masako Kaneko NMC Professor Community Health Nursing
Takaaki Kanemoto HM Part-time Lecturer
Fuminori Katsukawa HM Professor
Hiroki Kawai HM Professor
Hirobumi Kawakita HM Part-time Lecturer
Yoshikazu Kenjoh HM Professor
Masamune Kobayashi HM Project Assistant Professor
Tomoko Koike NMC Associate Professor Nursing Administration, Health Care Policies
Hiroko Komatsu NMC Professor
Yoshie Kondo NMC Professor Maternal Infant Nursing and Midwifery
Yuichiro Kusunoki HM Part-time Lecturer
Shoichi Maeda HM Professor Medical Law, Clinical Ethics, Research Ethics, Medical Safety and Conflict Management
Eiji Maruyama HM Project Professor
Motonaga Masuda HM Part-time Lecturer
Hiroaki Miyata HM Professor
Mihoko Miyawaki NMC Professor
Satoko Nagata NMC Professor
Kiyoka Nozue NMC Professor Psychiatric & Mental Health Nursing , Psychiatric Consultation Liaison Nursing
Yuko Oguma HM Associate Professor Sports Medicine, Physical Activity Epidemiology, Preventive Medicine
Tetsu Okada HM Part-time Lecturer
Kohei Onozaki HM Part-time Lecturer
Toshiro Otani NMC Professor knee surgery, biomechanics, sports medicine
Shigeko Saiki-Craighill NMC Professor Pediatric Nursing, Qualitative Research Methods
Yoshinobu Saito HM Research Associate
Tomoya Saitou HM Part-time Lecturer
Noboru Sakamoto HM Part-time Lecturer
Takehiko Sano HM Associate Professor Sport Management
Rie Sato HM Project Researcher
Chie Sato HM Project Research Associate
Atsushi Seike HM Guest Professor
Masaru Seki HM Part-time Lecturer
Tetsuya Shibayama HM Part-time Lecturer
Ai Shioda HM Project Research Associate
Hiroyuki Sugawara HM Part-time Lecturer
Kunihiko Takahashi HM Part-time Lecturer
Chiyoko Takanami HM Project Researcher
Toru Takebayashi HM Professor Public health; Environmental health, Epidemiology
Tsunekazu Takeda HM Guest Professor
Yuko Takeda NMC Professor Nursing (Medical-Surgical, Adult Nursing, Cancer Nursing, GeneticNursing)
Masumi Tamai HM Part-time Lecturer
KEIICHI TAMURA HM Part-time Lecturer
Riki Tanaka HM Project Assistant Professor
Kosuke Taniyama HM Part-time Lecturer
Keiko Tsuji NMC Associate Professor
Hiroyuki Uchida Other Professor
Mitsuhiro Umezu HM Associate Professor
Mayumi Watanabe HM Project Research Associate
Michiko Watanabe HM Professor
Kaori Yagasaki NMC Associate Professor
Natsuki Yamamoto HM Project Research Associate
Noriko Yamamoto HM Part-time Lecturer
Shinji Yamamoto HM Part-time Lecturer
Keita Yamauchi NMC Professor Health Economcs, Health Policy & Management, psychiatry