[ PM] Faculty of Policy Management
[ EI] Faculty of Environment and Information Studies
[ NMC] Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care
[ MAG] Graduate School of Media and Governance
[ HM] Graduate School of Health Management
[ Other]
Catharina Maracke MAG Project Associate Professor Intellectual Property Law, Open Innovation, Free and Open Source Software, Legal Philosophy
Akira Maeda PM Part-time Lecturer Economic Policy
Shoichi Maeda HM Professor Medical Law, Clinical Ethics, Research Ethics, Medical Safety and Conflict Management
Takashi Maeno Other Professor
Ayako Maeshima EI Part-time Lecturer
Daito Manabe EI Guest Lecturer
Beatrice Marechal PM Part-time Lecturer
Eiji Maruyama HM Project Professor
OKABE Masakatsu PM Professor Public Safety policy, Police Studies, Criminal Justice, Cyber Security
Shinya Masuda NMC Associate Professor Psychology
Tsuneo Masuda MAG Project Research Associate
Motonaga Masuda HM Part-time Lecturer
Toshiyuki Masui EI Professor
Emu Masuyama MAG Project Assistant Professor
Tiina Matikainen EI Visiting Lecturer (Full-time) Teaching English as a Second/Foreign Language, Applied Linguistics
Kenji Matsubara MAG Project Professor
Kitarou Matsuda PM Part-time Lecturer
Takashi Matsuhashi PM Part-time Lecturer
Koji Matsui PM Professor
Shohei Matsukawa EI Associate Professor Architectural Design, Algorithmic Design, Design ProcessTheory
Kuniko Matsumoto MAG Project Research Associate Japanese Education
Tomoko Matsumoto PM Part-time Lecturer
Naoyuki Matsumoto EI Part-time Lecturer
Naka Matsumoto EI Part-time Lecturer
Fumio Matsumoto EI Part-time Lecturer
Shinichiro Matsuo MAG Project Professor
Naoki Matsuo MAG Part-time Lecturer Climate Change Issues
Katsuo Matsuoka PM Part-time Lecturer
Takeshi Matsuya MAG Project Assistant Professor
Tomoki Matsuyama MAG Project Associate Professor
Alan J. McCornick EI Professor Emeritus Intercultural Communication; Language, Literacy and Culture; Foreign Language Education
Andreas Meyer PM Visiting Lecturer (Full-time) German Literature, German as a Foreign/Second Language, European Studies, Film Studies
Takashi Michikawa MAG Project Associate Professor
Aya Midorikawa NMC Research Associate
Ban Mihara NMC Part-time Lecturer
Sato Miki NMC Research Associate
Masaki Minami MAG Project Research Associate Internet Architecture
Tatsuo Minohara EI Part-time Lecturer Object Oriented Database, Object Oriented Programming Language, AppleScript, Macintosh, Typography
Sinsei Minoshima NMC Part-time Lecturer
Yoshiki Mishima EI Part-time Lecturer Landscape Architecture / Urban Design
Jin Mitsugi EI Professor Wireless communications, Computational engineering
Nozomi Mitsumori PM Part-time Lecturer
Gota Miura MAG Project Associate Professor
Emi Miyachi PM Part-time Lecturer
Gen Miyagaki PM Professor Sociology, Economic Sociology, Civil Society, Community, Social Network, Social Capital and Trust
Shoko Miyagawa NMC Associate Professor health informatics
Yukiko Miyaji MAG Project Assistant Professor
Yasutake MIYASHIRO PM Associate Professor Political philosophy, French philosophical thoughts
Hiroaki Miyata HM Professor
Mihoko Miyawaki NMC Professor
Yasuo Miyazaki EI Part-time Lecturer
Daijiro Mizuno EI Associate Professor Design Research、Inclusive Design、Speculative Design、 Fashion
Hisashi Mizutori PM Assistant Professor
Haas Toyokawa, Monika PM Part-time Lecturer
Sachiko Mori PM Professor Clinical Psychology, Psychoanalysis
Shigehisa Mori NMC Part-time Lecturer
Masaki Mori EI Part-time Lecturer Experimental Psychology, Mathematical Psychology and Clinical Psychology
Masaru Mori MAG Project Research Associate Proteomics, Analytical Chemistry, Pharmacy
Soichiro Moridaira PM Professor Emeritus Finance Theory and Its Applications 
Kanako Morita MAG Project Assistant Professor
Natsumi Morita NMC Part-time Lecturer Nursing (Medical-Surgical, Adult Nursing)
Yoshiro Morita EI Part-time Lecturer
Taeko Mouri NMC Part-time Lecturer
Kuniaki Mukai EI Professor Emeritus Comutational Linguistics, Situation Semantics, Situation theory, Channel Theory, Constraint Logic Programming
Yutaka Murabayashi MAG Professor
Jun Murai EI Professor Computer communications, Operating system
Yutaro Muraji MAG Project Research Associate
Kazuaki Murakami PM Part-time Lecturer
Kyoichi Murakami MAG Project Professor
Shinnosuke Murakami MAG Project Research Associate Environmental Microbiology, Balneology
Takeshi Murakami EI Part-time Lecturer
Hiroshi Muramatsu NMC Part-time Lecturer
Makoto Murata MAG Project Professor
Yukari Murata PM Part-time Lecturer
Mitsuyoshi Murayama Other Associate Professor
Prieto Maria Veronica PM Part-time Lecturer