[ PM] Faculty of Policy Management
[ EI] Faculty of Environment and Information Studies
[ NMC] Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care
[ MAG] Graduate School of Media and Governance
[ HM] Graduate School of Health Management
[ Other]
David O'Donnell EI Visiting Lecturer (Full-time)
Hiroyuki Obanawa EI Part-time Lecturer
Shinnosuke Obi Other Professor
Chika Ochiai MAG Project Researcher
Ryoichi Ochiai NMC Part-time Lecturer
Kiminori Odagami NMC Part-time Lecturer
Moriyuki Oe Other Professor Emeritus Population Studies, Urban Studies, Urban and Housing Policy
Kenji Ogasawara PM Part-time Lecturer
Fujiko Ogasawara PM Part-time Lecturer
Tamae Ogata NMC Part-time Lecturer
Katsuhiko Ogawa EI Professor Human Centered Design, Communication Services, Network Sociology,
Takayo Ogawa MAG Project Associate Professor
Eiji Oguma PM Professor Historical Sociology
Yuko Oguma HM Associate Professor Sports Medicine, Physical Activity Epidemiology, Preventive Medicine
Mayuko Ogura PM Part-time Lecturer Applied Linguistics (Spanish)
Keikin Oh PM Part-time Lecturer
Masakazu Ohashi NMC Part-time Lecturer
Yoshiaki Ohashi EI Part-time Lecturer Molecular Genetics and Genome Engineering
Masato Ohba MAG Project Researcher
Tetsushi Ohdaira EI Part-time Lecturer
Yuji Ohgi MAG Professor Sports Engineering, Sports Biomechanics, Human Functional Measurement, Wireless Measurement Technique
Hajime Ohiwa Other Professor Emeritus Informatics Education, Software Engineering, Cognitive Engineering
Kaori Ohkoda MAG Project Researcher
Kazuo Ohno MAG Project Researcher
Akira Oikawa MAG Project Associate Professor
Mitsuaki Okabe Other Professor Emeritus Monetary and financial theory; Japanese economy.
Junta Okada PM Part-time Lecturer Constitutional Law, Legisprudence
Tetsu Okada HM Part-time Lecturer
Futoshi Okada PM Part-time Lecturer
Yusaku Okada Other Professor
Yoshie Okada HM Part-time Lecturer
Sae Okami PM Part-time Lecturer
Keiko Okawa Other Professor Higher Eduction on the digital communication infrastructure
Shunichi Okazaki PM Part-time Lecturer
Rumi Okazaki EI Part-time Lecturer
Satoko OKI EI Associate Professor Seismology, Disaster Information, Safety Education, Communication of Disaster Science
Yuri Okina PM Guest Professor
Yu Okita EI Guest Associate Professor Cognition and technology: Robotics and pedagogical agents in learning and behavior; Learning Sciences
Tadashi Okoshi MAG Project Assistant Professor Distributed System, Mobile Computing, Ubiquitous Computing, Context-aware Computing, Attention-aware Computing
Tadamune Okubo Other Teacher
Reiko Okuma PM Part-time Lecturer
Keith Olfers EI Contract
Manabu Omae MAG Professor Mechanical Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Advanced Vehicle Control and Safety Systems
Kensuke Onishi PM Part-time Lecturer
Takuya Onishi EI Associate Professor Energy Design and extreme, portable/light-weight architecture
Yoshikazu Onoe Other Teacher
Yuko Onozaki NMC Part-time Lecturer
Ryou Onozuka MAG Project Research Associate
Chieko Osada NMC Part-time Lecturer
Makoto Osajima PM Part-time Lecturer
Toshio Osaki EI Part-time Lecturer
Kikuko Ota NMC Professor
Tuyoshi Ota PM Part-time Lecturer
Ritsuko Ota EI Part-time Lecturer
Toshiro Otani NMC Professor knee surgery, biomechanics, sports medicine
Hisakazu Otani Other Professor
Rei Otsuki PM Part-time Lecturer
Nobuaki Ozaki EI Part-time Lecturer
Taro Ozawa PM Professor Public Economics (Public Choice), Game Theory (Strategic Studies)
Hitoshi Ozawa EI Part-time Lecturer
Atsushi Ozu PM Part-time Lecturer
Antonio Olmo Titos MAG Project Research Associate computer science, software engineering, web development, web standards