[ PM] Faculty of Policy Management
[ EI] Faculty of Environment and Information Studies
[ NMC] Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care
[ MAG] Graduate School of Media and Governance
[ HM] Graduate School of Health Management
[ Other]
Takashi Iba PM Associate Professor Pattern Languages, Creativity, Complex Systems, Social Systems Theory
Tomohiro Ichinose EI Professor landscape ecology and planning, rural planning
Ryosuke Igari PM Part-time Lecturer
Masafumi Iida PM Part-time Lecturer
Hirokuni Iijima PM Part-time Lecturer
Masanori Ikebe EI Part-time Lecturer
Tomoko Ikeda NMC Part-time Lecturer
Yasushi Ikeda MAG Professor Archtecture and Urban Design
Yirang Im MAG Project Research Associate Tourism policy, Local government tourism policy-making process, International tourism cooperation, Social network theory and social network analysis (SNA)
Mutsumi Imai EI Professor Cognitive Science (with special focus on Cognitive and language development, Psycholinguistics)
Hideaki Imaizumi MAG Project Associate Professor
Ryo Imamura MAG Part-time Lecturer
Ikuko Imoto MAG Project Professor Landscape Architecture, Landscape Ecology,GIS
Ataru Inagaki HM Part-time Lecturer
Mitsu Inagaki MAG Project Researcher
Ichiro Innami PM Professor Decision Making, Negotiation & Organizational Behavior, Health Policy
Atsuo Inomata EI Part-time Lecturer
Kokoro Inoshita NMC Research Associate
Chiiko Inoshita HM Part-time Lecturer
Jun Inoue Other Associate Professor
Jo Inoue MAG Project Associate Professor
Tatsuya Inoue PM Part-time Lecturer
Hideyuki Inoue MAG Guest Associate Professor Soccial Entrepreneurship, Social Innovation, Social Enterprise Management (scaling impact), Venture Philanthropy
Miho Inoue PM Part-time Lecturer
Hideo Inubushi HM Part-time Lecturer
Yoshinori Isagai PM Professor Platform Design, Community Innovation, Family Business Management, Management Information System, Community Informatics
Toshihiro Ishi NMC Part-time Lecturer
Takaaki Ishida MAG Project Associate Professor
harumi Ishida PM Part-time Lecturer
Hiroyuki Ishida HM Associate Professor sports medicine, internal medicine
Aya Ishiduka HM Project Research Associate
Takahiro Ishihara PM Part-time Lecturer
Eri Ishikawa HM Project Assistant Professor
SHIMA ISHIKAWA NMC Assistant Professor
Hajime Ishikawa MAG Professor Landscape Architecture, Geographic Design
Shun Ishizaki EI Professor Emeritus Cognitive Science,Brain Science,Natural Language Processing,Pattern Recognition
Tokimitsu Ishizawa EI Part-time Lecturer
Keisuke Ishizu MAG Part-time Lecturer
Mitsuhiro Itaya EI Professor Genome Designing, Genome Engineering, Molecular Biology, Molecular Genetics, Synthetic Biology
Ken Ito MAG Project Assistant Professor Social Entrepreneurship, Social Impact Assesment for Non-Profit
Tomotaka Ito MAG Project Researcher
Mami Ito NMC Research Associate
ITO Youichi Other Professor Emeritus International Communication, Political Communication, Information Sociology
Ryoji Itoh MAG Project Professor
Takahiro Iwamiya MAG Project Research Associate
Toru Iwatake Other Professor Emeritus Music composition, and computer music
Motohiro Iwatsuki PM Part-time Lecturer
Toshiaki Izeki PM Professor Emeritus
Tetsuhiko Izumi PM Part-time Lecturer Social Security Policy, Economics