Rawya Jamous
ジャームース ラーウィヤ ジャームース ラーウィヤ

専門分野Teaching of Arabic for Non-Native Speakers, Arabic Literature, Arabic Language
主要著作・論文・作品・Publishing an article in an academic magazine “Al Arabieah” under the title: “The Islamic and Arabic Studies Lap in Keio University” Published on 28 August 2011, Saudi Arabia.
・Publishing an article in the academic magazine “Journal of Linguistic and Literary Studies” under the title “Teaching Arabic through its Culture: Japanese, Francophone, and American programs at the University of Aleppo, as a model” 05 March 2012, IIUM.
・A paper under publishing entitled: “Teaching Arabic for Cultural Purposes: a Case Study of Francophone Program of Arabic at Aleppo University” in Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences by Elsevier. Accepted on 20 November 2012.
・Participating in the Invention and Innovation Exhibition at IIUM on 23 February 2012 with a documentary film about the program of teaching Arabic Language to Keio University students at the University of Aleppo.
連絡先〒252-0882 神奈川県藤沢市遠藤 5322