Alana Bonzi
ボンジー アラーナ ボンジー アラーナ

学位M.B.A. M.A.(T) B.Ed
主な兼職GIGA Project, SEGO Japan Lab
専門分野企業の社会的な責任, 外国語教育
担当科目プロジェクト英語C EC02(Project)(GIGA/GG/GI),英語コンテンツ,アカデミックライティング実践 (GIGA/GG/GI)
主要著作・論文・作品American Chamber of Commerce Journal ( Contributor)
November 2010 “Diversity, a strategy for success”
May 2010 “ Beth Brookes Women in Leadership”
November 2009 “Green Marketplace Forum”
October 2009 “Triple Bottom Line Investing Asia Pacific Conference”
October 2008 “UNEP FI Sustainable Finance --Asia's Changing Landscape”
May 2008 “Finding the Right CSR Partner”

WIFM: Bilingual Luxury Lifestyle Magazine Contributing Editor
Spring 2010 “Women and Diversity: Create the opportunities and the talent will follow”
Winter 2010 “ Community Art Project”; “Japan's Passive House”; “Entrepreneurs Forum”
Fall 2009 “Corporate Beach Cleaners--Creating engageable moments”; “Creativity helping the Community”
Summer 2009 “Eco-Initiatives at Tokyo Luxury Hotels” ;“Focus on kids with cancer and Tyler Foundation”
Spring 2009 “Bulgari's Philanthropic Initiative”; “Focus on organic farm experiences in Japan”

Japan Association of Language Teaching Himeji JALT News Vol.3
Using Video as a Tool of Motivation
Simplfying Debate and Discusion in the EFL Classroom
Relevance and Authenticity in the Foreign Language Classroom
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