David O'Donnell
オドネル, デイビッド オドネル, デイビッド

専門分野Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL); University-level Extracurricular English Programs; Multi-media in the classroom;
主要著作・論文・作品Publications: A FACETS Analysis of the Sub-traits of the KEPT Oral Rating Scale (2006); Construction of a Learner Corpus of Spoken English (2008).
Workshops: Chiba prefectural board of education, teacher training seminars (summers of 2005-2008); Integrating technology into the classroom (summer 2008); Using edublogs.org (wordpress platform) blogs in the classroom (spring 2008)
Presentations: Construction of the Kanda Learner Corpus of Spoken English (2007); Validating Oral Assessment Rating Scales (2006)
学生諸君へ一言Please visit my webpage, or drop me an e-mail if you have any questions, comments, or just want to chat. I look forward to seeing you soon. My office phone is a mystery to me (I am not even sure that it works). Contacting me through e-mail is usually best.
連絡先〒252-0882 神奈川県藤沢市遠藤 5322