Kimio Uno
鵜野 公郎 ウノ キミオ

専門分野政策分析, 環境科学, 国際関係, モデル・シミュレーション
主要著作・論文・作品Japanese Industrial Performance, North-Holland, 1987. Statistical Data Bank Systems, North-Holland, 1988. Measurement of Services in an Input-Output Framework, North-Holland, 1989. Technology, Investment, and Trade, Elsevier, 1991. What is to be Done? Proposals for the Soviet Transition to the Market
(共著), Yale University Press, 1991. Environmental Options: Accounting for Sustainability, Kluwer, 1995. Environmental Accounting in Theory and Practice
(編著), Kluwer, 1998. "Energy Projections: Comparison of Methodologies." International Energy Agency Joint Energy Meering, Paris, 1999."The Environmental Effects of Trade Liberalization Agreements: The COMPASS Approach." OECD Joint Workshop, Paris, 1999. "Environmental Accounting, Policy Analysis, and Global Governance." The Sixth London Group Meeting, Canberra, 1999.
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