Yusuke HARA

Yusuke HARA

Project Lecturer
Graduate School of Media and Governance
Other Positions Currently HeldVisiting Scientist, RIKEN (November 2018 - Current)
Short Biography--[Education]--

September 2013
Ph.D. (Science) from The Graduate University for Advanced Studies [SOKENDAI], Kanagawa, Japan

March 2013
Completed a five-year doctor-course program without a Ph.D. degree, The Graduate University for Advanced Studies [SOKENDAI], Kanagawa, Japan

March 2008
Bachelor of Education from Shizuoka University, Shizuoka, Japan

August 2017 - Current
Project Lecturer, Keio University Shonan Fujisawa Campus (SFC) / Keio Research Institute at SFC AOI-Laboratory

January 2014- July 2017
Postdoctoral Research Fellow Mechanobiology Institute (MBI), National University of Singapore, Singapore

April 2013 - January 2014
Technical staff Division of Morphogenesis, National Institute for Basic Biology

April 2010 - March 2013
Research Fellow DC1 Japan Society for the Promotion of Science
Areas of ExpertiseMolecular Biology, Cell Biology, Agriculture, Developmental Biology, Mechanobiology,
Selected Publications【Original Articles】

Furukawa, T., Yamasaki, Y., Hara, Y., Otsuki, C., Maki, H., Soga, T., Moriyama, Y., and Kuroda, H.
Axis elongation during Xenopus tail-bud stage is regulated by GABA expressed in anterior-to-mid neural tube
The International Journal of Developmental Biology (in press)

Ding, W.Y., Ong, H.T., Hara, Y., Wongsantichon, J., Toyama, Y., Robinson, R.C., Nedelec, F., and Zaidel-Bar, R.
Plastin increases cortical connectivity to facilitate robust polarization and timely cytokinesis.
The Journal of Cell Biology 216, pp1371-1386 (2017)

Sun, Z., Amourda, C., Shagirov, M., Hara, Y., Saunders, T.E., and Toyama, Y.
Basolateral protrusion and apical contraction cooperatively drive Drosophila germ-band extension
Nature Cell Biology 19, pp375–383 (2017)

Suzuki, M., Sato, M.#, Koyama, H.#, Hara, Y.#, Hayashi, K., Yasue, N., Imamura, H., Fujimori, T., Nagai, T., Campbell, Robert E., and Ueno, N. (#contributed equally)
Distinct intracellular Ca2+ dynamics regulate apical constriction and differentially contribute to neural tube closure
Development 144, pp1307-1316 (2017)

Bertocchi, C., Wang, Y., Ravasio, A., Hara, Y., Wu, Y., Sailov, T., Baird, M.A., Davidson, M.W., Zaidel-Bar, R., Toyama, Y., Ladoux, B., Mege, R.M., and Kanchanawong, P.
Nanoscale architecture of cadherin-based cell adhesions.
Nature Cell Biology 19, pp28–37 (2017)

Hara, Y., Shagirov, M., and Toyama, Y.
Cell boundary elongation by non-autonomous contractility in cell oscillation.
Current Biology 26, pp2388–2396 (2016)

Hara, Y., Nagayama, K., Yamamoto, T.S., Matsumoto, T., Suzuki, M. and Ueno, N.
Directional migration of leading-edge mesoderm generates physical forces: Implication in Xenopus notochord formation during gastrulation.
Developmental Biology 382, pp482-495 (2013)

Suzuki, M., Hara, Y., Takagi, C., Yamamoto, T.S., and Ueno, N.
MID1 and MID2 are required for Xenopus neural tube closure through the regulation of microtubule organization.
Development 137, pp2329-2339 (2010)

Shindo, A., Hara, Y., Yamamoto, T.S., Ohkura, M., Nakai, J. and Ueno, N.
Tissue-tissue interaction-triggered calcium elevation is required for cell polarization during Xenopus gastrulation.
PLoS One 5, e8897 (2010)

【Review, Magazine, etc.】

Contraction and Elongation: Mechanics underlying cell boundary deformations in epithelial tissues.
Development Growth, and Differentiation 59(5),pp340-350 (2017) (peer-reviewed) [Invited review]

Hara, Y. and Toyama, Y.
構造美と機能美I -かたちづくりの力学-.
国立科学博物館企画展「卵からはじまる形づくり-発生生物学への誘い-」Booklet発生生物学者の渾身の一枚, pp53 & Webpage (2017) [Selected]
URL: http://www.jsdb.jp/booklet/24.html

Hara, Y., Matsumoto, T, and Ueno, N.
A force generated by tissue migration supports animal morphogenesis.
Jikken Igaku Vol.33 No.3, Yodosha (2015) [requested review]

Matsumoto, T., Hara, Y., and Ueno, N.
【特集記事:プロジェクトへの道】「ミクロからマクロへ階層を超える秩序形成のロジック」の紹介, アフリカツメガエル原腸形成に力が果たす役割:組織移動 が生み出す力が支える生物の形づくり.
JSMB NewsletterNo. 73, pp. 16–19, Japanese Society for Mathematical Biology (2014) [requested review]

Takagi, C., Sakamaki, K., Morita, H., Hara, Y., Suzuki, M., Kinoshita, N. and Ueno, N.
Transgenic Xenopus laevis for live imaging in cell and developmental biology.
Development Growth and Differentiation 55, pp422-433 (2013)

Hara, Y. and Kurata, T.
Introduction of model animals “Xenopus laevis”.
National Institute for Basic Biology WEB Magazine (2012)
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