Yuichiro Shimizu

Yuichiro Shimizu

Faculty of Policy Management
Graduate School of Media and Governance
DegreesPh.D. (Laws and Political Science, Keio University)
Other Positions Currently HeldVisiting Fellow in the University of Tokyo / Fellow in the Global Research Institute, Keio University/ Chair of the editorial committee, Keio SFC Journal
Short BiographyWorking experience:
 2017-, Professor, Keio University
 2018, Visiting Professor, Ruhr-Universitat Bochum
 2015-2016, Visiting Associate Professor, National Chengchi University
 2014-2015, Visiting Scholar, Reischauer Institute Harvard University
 2010-2017, Associate Professor, Keio University
 2007-2010, Assistant Professor, Keio University
 2003-2007, Research Assistant, The University of Tokyo
 2002-2003, Research Assistant, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies
Areas of ExpertiseJapanese Politics, Modern Japanese History, Politics-Administration Relationship, Oral History
AffiliationsJapanese Political Science Association, Public Policy Studies Association Japan, Japan Election Studies Association, Association for Asian Studies, European Association for Japanese Studies, International Political Science Association Japanese Society for Public Administration, Japanese Association of Law and Political Science
Selected PublicationsBOOKS:
5. The Origins of Modern Japanese Bureaucracy., London: Bloomsbury, October 2019(in English, Translated by Amin Ghadimi).
4. The Bureaucracy in Modern Japan: from Restoration Bureaucrats to Educated Elites., Tokyo: Chuo Koron Shinsha, Apr 2013(in Japanese). Awarded Public Policy Studies Association Japan, 2014.
3. Party and the Bureaucracy in Modern Japan: Clash of the Constitutional Government, Tokyo: Fujiwara Shoten, 2007 (in Japanese).
2. An Introduction to a Political History of Modern Japan., Tokyo: Yuhikaku, Jan 2020(in Japanese)
1. Japan and its constitutional precedent: Law, Politics, History and culture., Tokyo: Nihon Hyoronsha, Sep 2016(in Japanese)

18. "Historical institutional analysis of Japanese electoral districts", Changes and Refactoring in Japanese studies, Taipei: Hanlu Publishing, 2019(
in Chinese).
17."Methodology of Oral History: not Verifying but Finding hypotheses", Oral History de nani ga dekiruka, Tokyo: Iwanami Shoten, 2019(in Japanese)
16. "Japanese youth have not been intested in politics?: Comparing political participation between Japan and Taiwan", Who Governs?, Taipei:RiveGauche Publishing House, 2018(in Chinese)
15."Modern Japan", Chuo koron Shinsho Henshubu ed., The Issues of Japanese History, Tokyo: Chuo Koron Shinsha, 2018(in Japanese)
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13. "Yamagata Aritomo, Working as both General and Prime Minister", Lecture of Meiji History, Tokyo, Japan:Chikuma Shobo; 2018(in Japanese)
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3. Public Policy Studies Association Japan Award, June 2014
2. The MASAYOSHI OHIRA Memorial Award(as coauthor),June 2011
1. The Highest Prize Paper, the100th Memorial Faculty of Law, Keio University, November 1999

Oral History
13. Living as the Guardian of the law: A Memoir of Masasuke Ōmori: the President of Cabinet Legislation Bureau, Tokyo: Iwanami Shoten, 2018(in Japanese).
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1. An Oral History of Masae Ohmuro: the Party Secretary General of the LDP Tokyo (joint with Takashi Mikuriya, Toshiyuki Kanai), Tokyo: National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies, 2004(in Japanese).
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