Rodney D. Van Meter

Rodney D. Van Meter

Associate Professor
Faculty of Environment and Information Studies
Graduate School of Media and Governance
Short BiographyPh.D. Keio University, 2006
M.S. University of Southern California, 1991
B.S. California Institute of Technology, 1986
Areas of Expertisequantum computing, Post-Moore's Law computer architecture, distributed mass storage systems
AffiliationsACM, IEEE, USENIX, AAAS; IEEE Technical Committee on Mass Storage Systems (TC-MSS) Executive Committee
Selected PublicationsRodney Van Meter, Clare Horsman,
A Blueprint for Building a Quantum Computer,
Communications of the ACM, to appear

Rodney Van Meter,
Quantum Networking and Internetworking,
IEEE Network,
July 2012, pp. 59-64

Rodney Van Meter, Joe Touch, Clare Horsman,
Recursive Quantum Repeater Networks,
Progress in Informatics, No. 8, pp. 65-79, Mar. 2011

Rodney Van Meter, Thaddeus D. Ladd, Austin G. Fowler, and Yoshihisa Yamamoto,
Distributed Quantum Computation Architecture Using Semiconductor Nanophotonics,
International Journal of Quantum Information, Volume: 8, Issues: 1-2(2010) pp. 295-323, 2010

Rodney Van Meter, Thaddeus D. Ladd, W.J. Munro, and Kae Nemoto,
System Design for a Long-Line Quantum Repeater,
IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking 17(3), pp. 1002-1013, Jun. 2009

Rodney Van Meter, Kae Nemoto, and W.J. Munro,
Communication Links for Distributed Quantum Computation,
IEEE Transactions on Computers, 56(12), 1643-1653, December 2007.

Rodney Van Meter, W. J. Munro, Kae Nemoto and Kohei M. Itoh,
Distributed Arithmetic on a Quantum Multicomputer,
International Symposium on Computer Architecture (ISCA) 2006.

Rodney Van Meter and Mark Oskin,
Architectural Implications of Quantum Computing Technologies,
ACM Journal of Emerging Technologies in Computing Systems (JETC),
2(1), Jan. 2006.

Rodney Van Meter and Kohei M. Itoh,
Fast Quantum Modular Exponentiation,
Physical Review A, 71(5), 052320, May 2005.

Garth Gibson and Rodney Van Meter,
Network Attached Storage Architecture,
Communications of the ACM, Nov. 2000.

Rodney Van Meter and Minxi Gao,
Latency Management in Storage Systems,
Proc. Fourth Symposium on Operating Systems Design and Implementation
(OSDI 4), Oct. 2000.

Rodney Van Meter, Gregory G. Finn and Steve Hotz,
VISA: Netstation's Virtual Internet SCSI Adapter,
Proc. Eighth International Conference on Architectural Support for
Programming Languages and Operating Systems (ASPLOS VIII),
Oct. 1998.

Rodney Van Meter,
Observing the Effects of Multi-Zone Disks,
Proc. Usenix 1997 Annual Technical Conference, Jan. 1997.

Rodney Van Meter, Steve Hotz and Gregory Finn,
Derived Virtual Devices: A Secure Distributed File System Mechanism,
Proc. Fifth NASA Goddard Conference on Mass Storage Systems and
Technologies, Sept. 1996.
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