Lynn Thiesmeyer

Professor Emeritus
Other Positions Currently Held1) Vice President, Environmental and Economic Research Institute, Myanmar) 2) Steering Committee, International YMCA of Yokohama 3)Vice President, Asia Pacific Sociology Association
Areas of ExpertiseSoutheast Asian Rural Development, Gender and Development, Social Theory
AffiliationsJapanese Association for Asian Studies.
International Health Association of Japan.
Asia Pacific Sociology Association.
Selected Publications2000 "Identifying and Using Knowledge Sources: Transnational and Trans-sector Cooperation in Southeast Asia." Journal of APEC Studies 2(1) Summer 2000, pp.231-257.
January 2002. Monograph. Mobility, "Gender, and Hidden Costs in HIV Risk Households in Northern Thailand." United Nations Development Program, Asia-Pacific HIV Research Tool.
March 2003. Dupont Lecture Series. "Sustainable Development across the Gender Divide: Local Knowledge and Community Initiatives in 21st-century Asia." University of Delaware.
August 2003. U.N. University / UNESCO Shimane Global Session. "Local Responses to Globalisation: Community Approaches in Southeast Asia."
2003. Edited book. Discourse and Silencing: Representation and the Language of Displacement. John Benjamins Publishing Company.
Nov. 2005. United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia Pacific, Division for the Advancment of Women. Expert Group Meeting. Expert Paper,“Gender, Public Health, and Human Security Policy in Asia.”Bangkok, United Nations.
2005 UNESCO Global Seminar Speaker.“Sustainable Economies”. July 2005, Cheju, Republic of Korea.
2005 Co-Rapporteur, Expert Group Meeting, Division for the Advancement of Women, United Nations, Bangkok, Thailand.
2006 Beijing. Presentation on Gender and Development in University Curricula, China Women’s Academy Conference. China-wide Conference,16-19 September.
2007 Transborder Migration Policy Implementation and Monitoring Policy Dialogue: Its Effectiveness and Current Policy Gaps in the Greater Mekong Subregion, Mekong Institute, Khon Kaen, Thailand, 16 November.
2008.10.26 Invited Speech, at Meeting of Japan Association for International Health: “HIV and Poverty.”
2009 Human Insecurity in East Asia. Co-editor. United Nations University Press.
2009 “Landless and Development Policy: Policy Purposes and Policy Outcomes in Southeast Asia.” In Thiesmeyer, Umegaki, and Watabe, eds., Human Insecurity in East Asia, pp. 121 – 143. Tokyo / New York / Paris: United Nations University Press.
2009 “Human security practices in a northern Thai minority project.” Co-authored with Seewigaa Kittiyoungkun. In Thiesmeyer, Umegaki, and Watabe, eds. Human Insecurity in East Asia, pp. 232 – 259. Tokyo / New York / Paris: United Nations University Press.
2009 “What’s Millenial about the MDGs?” Journal of Health Management vol. 11 (September 2009).
2009 Assessing ‘Land Poverty’ and Human Security in Southeast Asian Development Policy”. In Japanese (Tochi hinkon to tounan Ajia ni okeru kaihatsu seisaku no Human Security mokuhyou ni hyouka wo tsukeru.) In Nobuto Yamamoto, ed., Tounan Ajia kara no toi-kake (Interrogations from Southeast Asia), Keio University Press.
2010 Illegal and Informal Movement in the Upper GMS. Bangkok, IRASEC (Centre for Research on Contemporary Asia).
2012 "China's Environmental Policies and its Southeast Asian Neighbors." Journal of Asian Public Policy, vol. 5, no. 2 (July 2012), pp. 199-213.
2013年"Environmental Damage and Cross-border Migration in the Mekong Region"学会発表 アジア太平洋適応ネットワーク・モンゴル国率大学・ユネスコ 共同主催 『Workshop on Remote Sensing and Environmental Innovations in Mongolia』、気候変動に関するパネルでの発表
2014.2 Hosted "Energy, Resources and Environment" International Workshop.Chiang Mai National University, Social Science Research Center.
2015.7“Environment and Poverty Migration in Rural Myanmar” conference paper for "Burma / Myanmar in Transition: Connectivity, Changes, and Challenges at Chiang Mai National University
2016.5“Capture and Readiness of Slow-onset Disaster Information in Southeast Asia”Presentation for WSIS(World Summit on the Information Society)
2016.8“Upper Mekong Region Hydropower development and impacts on Myanmar's Livelihood Environment”Paper for East Asian Association of Environmental and Resource Economics.
2016年9月 "Water Management Issues in Rural Cambodia: Mekong to Tonle Sap Impacts." APSA(アジア太平洋社会科学学会)での論文発表
2016年9月 "New Mobility Borders in Slow-onset Disaster Areas of the Golden Quadrangle"." APSA(アジア太平洋社会科学学会)での論文発表
2016年11月“Rethinking Security and Space in Upper Mekong Transboundary Water Projects.” Wu Fengshi and Zhang Hongzhou, 編. China’s Global Quest for Resources: Energy, Food and Waterの第5章。 London: Routledge.
2017年7月 "Encountering Harm on the Mekong Migration Trail: Risks and Resistance among Unobserved and Unserved Border Populations in Southeast Asia”g学術発表 ICAS10(第10回の国際アジア研究会議学会)チェンマイ

Professional Activities:
October 2003 - present. Member, Scientific Committee of the MEDICI Framework ("Multimedia for Education and Employment through Integrated Cultural Initiatives,") European Commission. 
2006-present Board of Executive Directors, International YMCA of Japan, Yokohama.
2007-present Board of Research Advisors, Mekong Institute, Khon Kaen, Thailand.
2008 Delegate to the Partnership Forum, Global Fund for HIV, Tuberculosis and Malaria.

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