Michio Umegaki

Keio Univfersity Professor Emeritus
DegreesPh.D., Princeton University, Department of Politics, 1978
Areas of ExpertiseComparative Modernization, International Relations, Human Security
Selected PublicationsMy publications in book form have shifted from the earlier concentration on Japan's modernization and the US-Japanese relationship, to the more recent ones on economic and political development and East Asia. The most recent publication (in English) is "Human Insecurity in East Asia," from United Nations University. This is a collection of essays by a dozen scholars and practitioners in East Asia.
In Japanese,I am trying to write two books simultaneously. One, "Mekong Note," is based upon the intensive fieldwork I have sustained in Vietnam since 2003. It is about Vietnam, and Lao PDR, as viewed from the legacies (such as the Agent Orange contamination) of the war; about Vietnam and Lao PDR on its way toward a more market-oriented economy; and about Vietnam and Lao PDR as a representative of a nation-state torn under the pressures for economic development and the pressures for fair distribution of the economic gains. The other, "Cold War, Development, and Human Security," is to satisfy my long-standing interest in reconstructing postwar world order on the basis of a particular view of the Cold War that it was primarily a North-Atlantic regional affair...
In the past, I moved quite a lot from one place to another. Upon completion of my MA at Keio, I moved to Princeton and completed my doctrate under Drs. Marius Jansen and Harry Eckstein. Following one year as a research fellow at Princeton, I moved to Georgetown University (Government Dept.) which lasted till 1989. Again with one year of temporary status as a visiting professor at the Faculty of Law at Keio, I moved to Keio's newly established campus, SFC as it has come to be known. Keio at SFC has, so far, provided me a most stable site of living and working... But who knows what follows the tenure at Fujisawa.
Project Web Pagehttp://www.janp.sfc.keio.ac.jp/umekentop.html
Office HourSpring Term:Thursday 14:30 〜 16:00@ D-S203(I'll see you whenever I am in the office)
Contact Information5322 Endo Fujisawa, Kanagawa 252-0882 Japan
Keio University Shonan Fujisawa Campus