Kazumi Ogasawara

Faculty of Policy Management
Graduate School of Media and Governance
Short BiographyMarch 1994 Bachelor of Policy Management, Keio University, Faculty of Policy Management
April 1994 Joined the National Police Agency (NPA)
May 1995 Organized Crime Control Division, Criminal Investigation Bureau, NPA
August 1997 Office for Gender Equality, Prime Minister's Office
May 2000 M.A. in Sociology, Columbia University Graduate School of Arts and Science
July 2000 Assistant Director, Drug Control Division, Community Safety Bureau, NPA
August 2002 Director, Second Investigation Division, Criminal Investigation Department, Tochigi Prefecture Police Headquarters
August 2004 Assistant Director, Nuclear Disaster Prevention Division, Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
August 2006 Director, Foreign Affairs Division, Security Department, Osaka Prefecture Police Headquarters
March 2008 Chief Professor, Special Training Institute of Investigation, National Police Academy
March 2010 Deputy Director, Salary and Welfare Division, Commissioner-General’s Secretariat, NPA
April 2011 Director, Police Administration Department, Fukushima Prefecture Police Headquarters
August 2012 Director, Public Relations Division, Police Administration Department, Metropolitan Police Department Headquarters
February 2014 Counselor, Cabinet Intelligence and Research Office, Cabinet Secretariat
March 2016 Chief of Hakodate Area Police Headquarters, Hokkaido Prefectural Police
January 2018 Director, Investigation Support and Intelligence Analysis Division, Criminal Investigation Bureau, NPA
April 2020 Professor (fixed term), Faculty of Policy Management, Keio University
Areas of ExpertisePublic safety policy, Gender based violence, Victim support, Gender studies
AffiliationsThe Association for the Study of Security Science, Japan Association of Forensic Nursing
Selected Publications・Reconsider countermeasures against sexual violence crime (Keisatsugaku Ronshu (The Journal of Police Science) vol.62 no.8, 2009, Tachibana-Shobo)
・Charged cases of sexual assault with PTSD victimization (Keisatsugaku Ronshu (The Journal of Police Science) vol.63 no.7, 2010, Tachibana-Shobo)
・Sexual assault victim support with multidisciplinary collaboration at the hospital 〜medical treatment and advocate〜 (Keisatsugaku Ronshu (The Journal of Police Science) vol.63 no.10, 2010, Tachibana-Shobo)
・Protecting children from sexual assault (The Modern Japanese Police Quarterly vol.153, 2017, Keiseisha)
・A forecast of police investigation (The Modern Japanese Police Quarterly vol.160, 2019, Keiseisha)
・Sexual crime (“Public Safety Policy”(171-193), 2018, Tachibana-Shobo)
Message to StudentsIt's not what you are, but what you do. Find your norms of justice.
Contact Information5322 Endo Fujisawa, Kanagawa 252-0882 Japan
Keio University Shonan Fujisawa Campus