[ PM] Faculty of Policy Management
[ EI] Faculty of Environment and Information Studies
[ NMC] Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care
[ MAG] Graduate School of Media and Governance
[ HM] Graduate School of Health Management
[ Other]
Faculty of Environment and Information Studies
Miki Akiyama EI Professor Health Communication, Community Health, Public Health, Epidemiology, Health Policy.
Yuu Akiyama EI Part-time Lecturer
Yuichiro Anzai EI Professor Emeritus
Seiya Aoki EI Part-time Lecturer
Masashi Aono EI Associate Professor Complex Systems, Natural Computing, Post-Silicon Computing, Origins of Life
Atsushi Aoyama EI Associate Professor Neural information science, Measurement of brain functions, Multimodal processing, Sensory integration, Bio-signal processing
Kazuharu Arakawa EI Associate Professor Bioinformatics, Systems Biology, Genome Science
Makoto Arisawa EI Professor Emeritus Computer Science, Content Engineering, Transportation Informatics
Tomoya Asai EI Part-time Lecturer
Kazuto Ataka EI Professor Data science and data-driven thinking, Strategy building, New product development
Shigeru BAN EI Professor Architectural design, Disaster relief planning
Emiko Ban EI Part-time Lecturer
Simon M. Bedelo EI Part-time Lecturer
Alana Bonzi EI Part-time Lecturer CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), Sustainable Development, Project Based Learning, Foreign Language and Cross cultural Education, Academic-Public-Private Partnerships
Youichi Chiba EI Part-time Lecturer
Masashi Eto EI Part-time Lecturer
Andrey Ferriyan EI Part-time Lecturer
Shinya Fujii EI Associate Professor Music and Neuroscience (Neuromusic), Drums and Rhythm, Music Brain and Body, Motor Control and Learning in Music Performance, Music Perception and Cognition, Origin of Human Musicality, Beat Perception and Synchronization, Amusia and Beat-deafness, Auditory Feedback and Motor Rehabilitation
Mamoru FUJITA EI Assistant Professor Latin American Studies (esp. Andean countries), Linguistic Anthropology of the Andes, Aynu Language and Aynu Oral Literature, Anthropology of Development, Modern Japanese Literature (esp. Oe Kenzaburo)
Hiroshi Fujiwara EI Guest Professor
Kazuya Fukuda EI Professor literary criticism, theory of civilization, social review, French literature
Tadahiko Fukuda EI Professor Emeritus Ergonomics
Tomoaki Furuya EI Part-time Lecturer
Tatsuya Hagino EI Professor Software Science (Programming Language, System Software, Web Technology)
Yoko Hamada EI Professor Psychiatry, Psychoanalysis, Infant Mental Health, School Mental Health
Yasunori Harano EI Part-time Lecturer
Yoko Hasebe EI Associate Professor
Daisuke Hattori EI Part-time Lecturer
Takashi Hattori EI Professor Computer Science
Hidenori Hiasa EI Part-time Lecturer
Ryuichiro Higashinaka EI Part-time Lecturer
Fumito Higuchi EI Part-time Lecturer Human Computer Interaction
Kazuyo Hirose EI Part-time Lecturer
Charles Hirst EI Part-time Lecturer
Taishi Hokazono EI Part-time Lecturer
Tomohiro Ichinose EI Professor landscape ecology and planning, rural planning
Kotaro Iizuka EI Part-time Lecturer
Masanori Ikebe EI Part-time Lecturer
Yasushi Ikeda MAG Professor Archtecture and Urban Design, Architectural Informatics
Mutsumi Imai EI Professor Cognitive Science (with special focus on Cognitive and language development, Psycholinguistics)
Atsuo Inomata EI Part-time Lecturer
Hajime Ishikawa MAG Professor Landscape Architecture, Geographic Design
Shun Ishizaki EI Professor Emeritus Cognitive Science,Brain Science,Natural Language Processing,Pattern Recognition
Tokimitsu Ishizawa EI Part-time Lecturer
Naohiro Isokawa EI Part-time Lecturer
Masaaki Jo EI Part-time Lecturer
Yasuaki Kakehi EI Part-time Lecturer Interactive Media, Augmented Reality, Media Arts, Human Interface
Akio Kanai EI Professor Molecular Biology, Molecular Evolution, Developmental Biology
Yu Kaneko EI Part-time Lecturer Videomaking, Film critic, Ethnographic study
Iwao Kaneyasu EI Professor Emeritus Geography of Planning Practice
Norichika Kanie MAG Professor International Relations, Earth System Governance
Miki Kano EI Part-time Lecturer
Emi Karimata EI Part-time Lecturer
Takaaki Kato EI Associate Professor Ergonomics, Sport Psychology, Motor Learning and Control
Fumitoshi Kato EI Professor Communication design; Facilitation; Communication and media studies; Qualitative research methods
Akiko Kato EI Part-time Lecturer
Shota Kawamoto EI Part-time Lecturer
Hideyuki Kawashima EI Associate Professor Database, Transaction Processing, System Software
Ryota Kidokoro EI Part-time Lecturer Structural Engineering
Toyoei Kikuchi EI Part-time Lecturer
Yoshiharu Kim EI Guest Professor
Hanako Kitano EI Part-time Lecturer
Yoichi Kitayama EI Guest Lecturer
Yasushi Kiyoki EI Professor multimedia database, multidatabase
Yuta Kiyosawa EI Part-time Lecturer
Hiroto Kobayashi MAG Professor Architecture, Urban and Rural Design, Machizukuri (Town management)
Kenji Kohiyama MAG Professor Emeritus Wireless Communication, Digital Image Processing
Kiyonobu Kojima EI Part-time Lecturer
Hiroki Kuroda EI Associate Professor Developmental Biology
Akira Kurokawa EI Part-time Lecturer
Hiroyuki Kusumoto EI Professor Computer Network
Mark Lewis EI Part-time Lecturer
Tatsuki Machida EI Part-time Lecturer Sport Management, Sport Cultural Studies, Cultural Economics, Performing Arts Studies
Daito Manabe EI Guest Professor
Keigo Masuda EI Part-time Lecturer
Toshiyuki Masui EI Professor
Tiina Matikainen EI Visiting Lecturer (Full-time) Teaching English as a Second/Foreign Language, Applied Linguistics
Shohei Matsukawa EI Associate Professor Architectural Design, Algorithmic Design, Design ProcessTheory
Naka Matsumoto EI Part-time Lecturer
Fumio Matsumoto EI Part-time Lecturer
Alan J. McCornick EI Professor Emeritus Intercultural Communication; Language, Literacy and Culture; Foreign Language Education
Osamu Minakawa EI Part-time Lecturer
Tatsuo Minohara EI Part-time Lecturer Object Oriented Database, Object Oriented Programming Language, AppleScript, Macintosh, Typography
Jin Mitsugi EI Professor Wireless communications, Space structures, Computational engineering
Yoshiaki Miyamoto EI Assistant Professor Meteorology and Climate Science
Kensuke Miyamoto EI Part-time Lecturer
Yasuo Miyazaki EI Part-time Lecturer
Masaki Mori EI Assistant Professor Experimental Psychology, Mathematical Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Physical Education
Motokazu Moritani EI Part-time Lecturer
Kuniaki Mukai EI Professor Emeritus Comutational Linguistics, Situation Semantics, Situation theory, Channel Theory, Constraint Logic Programming
Jun Murai EI Professor Computer communications, Operating system
Takeshi Murakami EI Part-time Lecturer
Kenta Nagakubo EI Part-time Lecturer
Ben Nagaoka EI Part-time Lecturer
Yasuhiro Naito EI Professor Theoretical Biology
Yuko Nakahama EI Professor Applied Linguistics (Second Language Acquisition, Discourse Analysis)
Osamu Nakamura EI Professor Computer Science, Internet
Tagiru Nakamura EI Part-time Lecturer Social Neuroscience; Experimental Psychology; Linguistics (Pragmatics);
Yasuto Nakanishi EI Professor Information Design, Experience Design, Human Interface, Urban Computing, Design Aid System, Creative Activity Support
Akito Nakano EI Part-time Lecturer
Jin Nakazawa EI Professor Distributed Systems, Middleware, Ubiquitous Computing, Computer Networks
Hajime Narukawa MAG Associate Professor fine art, design, architecture, perspective drawing, world map projection, data visualization
Tetsushi Ohdaira EI Part-time Lecturer
Yuji Ohgi MAG Professor Sports Engineering, Sports Biomechanics, Human Functional Measurement, Wireless Measurement Technique
Toshio Ohori EI Professor Linguistics (Semantics, Functional typology, Discourse analysis)
Keisuke Ohsaki EI Part-time Lecturer
Shosei Oishi EI Part-time Lecturer
Yoshihisa Okamoto EI Part-time Lecturer
Rumi Okazaki EI Part-time Lecturer
Satoko OKI EI Associate Professor Seismology, Disaster Information, Safety Education, Communication of Disaster Science
Yu Okita EI Guest Associate Professor Cognition and technology: Robotics and pedagogical agents in learning and behavior; Learning Sciences
Keith Olfers EI Contract
Manabu Omae MAG Professor Mechanical Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Advanced Vehicle Control and Safety Systems
Akihiro Omi EI Part-time Lecturer
Takuya Onishi EI Associate Professor Energy Design and extreme, portable/light-weight architecture
Ritsuko Ota EI Part-time Lecturer
Nobuaki Ozaki EI Part-time Lecturer
Masashi Nakatani, Ph.D. EI Associate Professor Haptics, Sensor engineering
Gateway Program EI Contract
Nerida Rand EI Part-time Lecturer
Kimito Saigan EI Part-time Lecturer
Nobuo Saito EI Professor Emeritus Computer Science, OS, Parallel/Distributed Computing, Software Engineering
Kenji Saito EI Part-time Lecturer Distributed systems, Real-time Systems, Internet and Society
Toshinori Saito EI Part-time Lecturer
Hiroshi Sakakibara EI Part-time Lecturer
Hiroyuki Sakata EI Part-time Lecturer
Itsuki Sakitsu EI Part-time Lecturer
Wataru Sasaki EI Part-time Lecturer
Naoki Sasaki EI Part-time Lecturer
Mitsuo Sasaki EI Professor Emeritus
Masahiro Sasaki EI Part-time Lecturer
Kashiwa Sato EI Guest Professor ArtDirection/CreativeDirection
Patrick Savage EI Project Associate Professor Music, Psychology, Anthropology, Computer Science, Cultural Evolution, Digital Humanities
Satoshi Sawada EI Part-time Lecturer
Tomoko Seki EI Part-time Lecturer
Hiroshi Shimizu EI Professor Emeritus Environmental Technology, Electric Vehicle
Atsushi Shinjo EI Professor Information Policy, Computer Science, Agri-InfoScience, Health Science, Advanced Photonics
Isao Shinohara EI Part-time Lecturer
Yuko Shirai MAG Associate Professor Urban engineering / Environmental engineering / Forest and water environmental system / From forest to timber to wooden architecture / Social system for public property / Urbanism in Germany and France / Technological developments in forestry
Tomoyoshi Soga EI Professor Metabolomics, Analytical Chemistry, Cancer metabolism
Erez Golani Solomon EI Part-time Lecturer
Yuichi Sugiyama EI Part-time Lecturer
Masaki Suwa EI Professor cognitive science, artificial intelligence, communication design, design science
Haruo Suzuki EI Associate Professor Bioinformatics, Microbiology
Atsushi Tadokoro EI Part-time Lecturer
Kazunori Takashio EI Professor Cloud Network Robotics, Social Robotics, Human-Robot Interaction, Ubiquitous Computing
Keiji Takeda EI Professor Information Security ( Intrusion Detection, Security Architecture, Software Security etc.)
Yoshiyasu Takefuji EI Professor Neural computing, machine learning, IoT, security, energy harvesting
Hiroshi Takenouchi EI Part-time Lecturer
Satoko Takita EI Part-time Lecturer
Naoyo Tamagawa EI Part-time Lecturer
Hiroya Tanaka EI Professor Design Tool, Design Machine, Personal Fabrication, Social Fabrication
Satoru Tezuka EI Professor Cybersecurity, Information Security, Electronic Authentication, Electronic Signature, Electronic Government System
Nao Tokui MAG Associate Professor Computational Creativity, Artificial Intelligence, Media Art, Music
Miho Tominaga EI Part-time Lecturer
Masaru Tomita EI Professor Systems Biology, Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, Regional Policy
Jonathan Trace EI Assistant Professor Applied linguistics: language assessment, curriculum development, listening & speaking, and program evaluation
Megumu Tsujimoto EI Assistant Professor Polar Ecology, Ecology, Conservation Biology
Asako Tsukasaki EI Part-time Lecturer
Junpei Tsutsui EI Part-time Lecturer
Kei Uchida EI Part-time Lecturer
Keisuke Uehara EI Associate Professor Computer Networks
Ryosuke Uga EI Part-time Lecturer
Yuta Uozumi EI Part-time Lecturer
Junichi Ushiyama EI Associate Professor Movement physiology, Neurophysiology
Rodney D. Van Meter EI Professor quantum computing, Post-Moore's Law computer architecture, distributed mass storage systems
Masahiko Wada EI Part-time Lecturer
Akira Wakita EI Professor Visualization, Geometric Modeling, Smart Material
Mitsuhiro Watanabe MAG Professor Health Science, Anti-aging, Metabolic Disease, Naturopathic Medicine, Preventive Medicine
Yasushi WATANABE EI Professor American Studies, Cultural Policy, Public Diplomacy, Cultural Anthropology
Keiichi Watanabe EI Part-time Lecturer Economic Geography, Urban Geography, Study of Global Cities
Mukesh K. Williams EI Part-time Lecturer South Asian Area Studies, Research Methodology, American Studies, Media and Asian Security
Walter Wyman EI Visiting Lecturer (Full-time) East Asian Studies (Japanese language), Religious Studies
Naohisa Yahagi MAG Associate Professor System Strategy, System Design, Strategy for value-based healthcare delivery
Kasumi Yajima EI Part-time Lecturer
Tomonari Yamaguchi EI Part-time Lecturer
Shingo Yamaguchi EI Associate Professor Information and communication policy, Radio policy, AI policy, Digital TV system, ICT system exporting strategy, Disaster management ICT system, Technical regulation and certification system
Hiroshi Yamamoto EI Part-time Lecturer
Hiroshi Yamamoto EI Part-time Lecturer Computer Science, Enbeded Systems, Internet of Things, Energy Harvesting
Kota Yamamoto EI Part-time Lecturer
Masato Yamanouchi EI Part-time Lecturer
Takayuki Yamazaki EI Part-time Lecturer
Wanglin YAN EI Professor GIS, Urban and Regional Environment, Climate Change, Science of Sustainability
Yosuke Yanagisawa EI Part-time Lecturer
Michiaki Yasumura EI Professor Emeritus Interaction Design, Human Computer Interaction, Computer Science
Yukari Yoshihara EI Guest Lecturer
Hitoshi Yoshizaki EI Associate Professor Environmental Policy, Environmental Engineering
Robert Yui EI Part-time Lecturer
กก EI Part-time Lecturer
กก EI Part-time Lecturer