[ PM] Faculty of Policy Management
[ EI] Faculty of Environment and Information Studies
[ NMC] Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care
[ MAG] Graduate School of Media and Governance
[ HM] Graduate School of Health Management
[ Other]
Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care
Tomoko Arahata NMC Assistant Professor cancer nursing, palliative care
Aaron Olaf Batty NMC Associate Professor Applied linguistics, English education, language testing, assessment, item response theory (IRT), Rasch models
Chieko Fujii NMC Professor
Hisae Fujimoto NMC Research Associate
Susumu Fukita NMC Research Associate
Rika Fukui NMC Associate Professor
Michiyo Harada NMC Assistant Professor
Kokoro Inoshita NMC Research Associate
SHIMA ISHIKAWA NMC Assistant Professor
Mami Ito NMC Research Associate
Mitsuhiro Kamakura NMC Professor
Masako Kaneko NMC Professor Community Health Nursing
Shinzo Kato NMC Professor Health Science, Pathophysiology of Chronic Diseases
Takahata Kazue NMC Research Associate
Yuriko Kinoshita NMC Research Associate
Kozue Kobayashi NMC Research Associate
Masahiro Kobayashi NMC Professor Plastic Surgery, Computer Aided Surgery, Laser Medicine
Ryoko Kobayashi NMC Research Associate
Tomoko Koike NMC Associate Professor Nursing Administration, Health Care Policies
Hiroko Komatsu NMC Professor
Yoshie Kondo NMC Professor Maternal Infant Nursing and Midwifery
Yurie Koyama NMC Associate Professor
Shinya Masuda NMC Associate Professor Psychology
Aya Midorikawa NMC Research Associate
Sato Miki NMC Research Associate
Shoko Miyagawa NMC Associate Professor health informatics
Mihoko Miyawaki NMC Professor
Satoko Nagata NMC Professor
Eiko Nishiike NMC Research Associate
Ryouhei Nishina NMC Research Associate
Noriko¡¡Fukuda NMC Associate Professor
Kiyoka Nozue NMC Professor Psychiatric & Mental Health Nursing , Psychiatric Consultation Liaison Nursing
Kikuko Ota NMC Professor
Toshiro Otani NMC Professor knee surgery, biomechanics, sports medicine
Sunre Park NMC Assistant Professor
Rika¡¡Fujiya NMC Assistant Professor
Shigeko Saiki-Craighill NMC Professor Pediatric Nursing, Qualitative Research Methods
Naoki Sakakibara NMC Research Associate Oncology Nursing, Palliative Care
Etsuko Soeda NMC Assistant Professor
Naomi Sugimoto NMC Professor Health communication, Communication Education, Intercultural communication)
Yuko Takeda NMC Professor Nursing (Medical-Surgical, Adult Nursing, Cancer Nursing, GeneticNursing)
Yuuka Takita NMC Research Associate
Noriko Tamura NMC Research Associate
Etsuko Tomisaki NMC Assistant Professor
Keiko Tsuji NMC Associate Professor
Kaori Yagasaki NMC Associate Professor
Aya Yamamoto NMC Assistant Professor
Keita Yamauchi NMC Professor Health Economcs, Health Policy & Management, psychiatry
Mashida Yuriko NMC Research Associate