[ PM] Faculty of Policy Management
[ EI] Faculty of Environment and Information Studies
[ NMC] Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care
[ MAG] Graduate School of Media and Governance
[ HM] Graduate School of Health Management
[ Other]
Graduate School of Media and Governance
Ryosuke Abe MAG Project Researcher Blockchain, Crypto Assets, Distributed System
Noriyuki Aibe MAG Project Associate Professor Computer Science, Logic Circuit, FPGA, Personal Fabrication
Hideo Aiso MAG Professor Emeritus
Miki Akiyama EI Professor Health Communication, Community Health, Public Health, Epidemiology, Health Policy.
SCHWENTKER Andres MAG Project Assistant Professor
Mayumi Aoki MAG Project Research Associate
Masashi Aono EI Associate Professor Complex Systems, Natural Computing, Post-Silicon Computing, Origins of Life
Atsushi Aoyama EI Associate Professor Neural information science, Measurement of brain functions, Multimodal processing, Sensory integration, Bio-signal processing
Kazuharu Arakawa EI Associate Professor Bioinformatics, Systems Biology, Genome Science
Uraki Asako MAG Project Associate Professor
Yoshihiro Asano MAG Project Researcher
Kazuyuki Ashimura MAG Project Professor Speech synthesis, Speech Recognition, Speech style analysis, Multi-modal
Kazuto Ataka EI Professor Data science and data-driven thinking, Strategy building, New product development
Wakana Baba PM Assistant Professor German Language Education, Modern German History
Yingjiu Bai MAG Part-time Lecturer Community-based Adaptation to Climate Change; Urban Heat Islands Monitoring and Mitigation; Applications of Geographical Information System (GIS)
Rudyanto Bambang MAG Part-time Lecturer
Shigeru BAN EI Professor Architectural design, Disaster relief planning
Sean Bonner MAG Project Associate Professor Citizen / Crowd science and activism
Yin Chen MAG Project Assistant Professor
Vu Le Thao Chi PM Project Assistant Professor Risk Behavior, Choices, Human Security, Narrative Approach, Development
Miyanaka Daisuke MAG Project Research Associate
Yoshito Date MAG Project Associate Professor
Shinya Fujii EI Associate Professor Music and Neuroscience (Neuromusic), Drums and Rhythm, Music Brain and Body, Motor Control and Learning in Music Performance, Music Perception and Cognition, Origin of Human Musicality, Beat Perception and Synchronization, Amusia and Beat-deafness, Auditory Feedback and Motor Rehabilitation
Susumu Fujii MAG Project Assistant Professor
Kosuke Fujishima MAG Project Associate Professor
Mamoru FUJITA EI Assistant Professor Latin American Studies (esp. Andean countries), Linguistic Anthropology of the Andes, Aynu Language and Aynu Oral Literature, Anthropology of Development, Modern Japanese Literature (esp. Oe Kenzaburo)
Yoshiaki Fukami MAG Project Associate Professor
Shinji Fukuda MAG Project Professor Intestinal Ecosystem Regulation, Integrated Omics Science
Kazuya Fukuda EI Professor literary criticism, theory of civilization, social review, French literature
Keishi Furusato MAG Project Associate Professor
Tomoyuki Furutani PM Professor Spatial Statistics, Spatial Econometrics, Tourism, Urban Transportation Planning
Josephine Galipon MAG Project Research Associate Molecular Biology, Bioinformatics
William David Galloway MAG Project Associate Professor Architecture, Urban Planning and Sustainable Development
£Í£é£ù£á£ë£é£ô£á Goki MAG Project Research Associate
Kazuma Goto MAG Part-time Lecturer
Tatsuya Hagino EI Professor Software Science (Programming Language, System Software, Web Technology)
Michal HAJDUSEK MAG Project Assistant Professor
Yoko Hamada EI Professor Psychiatry, Psychoanalysis, Infant Mental Health, School Mental Health
Yusuke HARA MAG Project Assistant Professor Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, Agriculture, Developmental Biology, Mechanobiology,
Yoko Hasebe EI Associate Professor
Takashi Hattori EI Professor Computer Science
Yasuhiro Hayashi MAG Project Assistant Professor
WONG HEIYUI MAG Project Researcher
Yasuo Hibata MAG Professor Emeritus Urban Engineering,Land Use Planning, City Planning System
WATANABE Hikaru MAG Project Researcher
Kohei Hiraga MAG Project Research Associate
Fumiya Hirataka PM Professor Foreign Language Education (German and Japanese as a Second Language), Sociolinguistics
Akiyoshi Hirayama MAG Project Assistant Professor
Yoko Hirose PM Professor International Politics, Comparative Politics, Political Development Studies, The Transcaucasus Area Studies
Ono Hiroyuki MAG Project Researcher
Yuka Honda MAG Project Assistant Professor
Manami Hori MAG Part-time Lecturer
Hideaki Horie MAG Project Professor
Yoshinori Horie MAG Project Professor
Daiki Horikawa MAG Project Assistant Professor
Kousaku Hoshina MAG Project Assistant Professor
Kensuke Hotta MAG Project Research Associate Architectural Design
Takashi Iba PM Professor Art and Science of Creativity, Pattern Languages, Systems Theory, Science of Complexity
Tomohiro Ichinose EI Professor landscape ecology and planning, rural planning
Kamon Iigaya MAG Project Associate Professor
Yasushi Ikeda MAG Professor Archtecture and Urban Design, Architectural Informatics
Mutsumi Imai EI Professor Cognitive Science (with special focus on Cognitive and language development, Psycholinguistics)
Hideaki Imaizumi MAG Project Associate Professor
Ryo Imamura MAG Part-time Lecturer
Ichiro Innami PM Professor Decision Making, Negotiation & Organizational Behavior, Health Policy
Hideyuki Inoue MAG Guest Associate Professor Soccial Entrepreneurship, Social Innovation, Social Enterprise Management (scaling impact), Venture Philanthropy
Jo Inoue MAG Project Associate Professor
Yoshinori Isagai PM Professor Platform Design, Community Innovation, Family Business Management, Management Information System, Community Informatics
Takaaki Ishida MAG Project Associate Professor
Chiharu Ishii MAG Project Researcher
Hajime Ishikawa MAG Professor Landscape Architecture, Geographic Design
Keisuke Ishizu MAG Part-time Lecturer
Ken Ito MAG Project Assistant Professor Social Entrepreneurship, Social Impact Assesment for Non-Profit
Hirotake Ito MAG Project Research Associate
Ryoji Itoh MAG Project Professor
Takahiro Iwamiya MAG Project Research Associate
Ken Jimbo PM Professor International Security, Security in Asia-Pacific, Regionalism in East Asia, Japan's Defense and Security Policy
Arata Kamino MAG Part-time Lecturer
Tomoki Kamo PM Professor Chinese Politics and Foreign Policy, Comparative Politics, International Relations(East Asia)
Akio Kanai EI Professor Molecular Biology, Molecular Evolution, Developmental Biology
Norichika Kanie MAG Professor International Relations, Earth System Governance
Takeshi Karasawa MAG Project Professor
Masaaki Kataoka PM Professor Local Government, Data Science
Takaaki Kato EI Associate Professor Ergonomics, Sport Psychology, Motor Learning and Control
Fumitoshi Kato EI Professor Communication design; Facilitation; Communication and media studies; Qualitative research methods
Makoto Kato MAG Part-time Lecturer Climate Policy Assistance to Developing Counties in Climate Change Areas
Masahito Kawamori MAG Project Professor
Mitsuru Kawamoto MAG Project Research Associate
Hideyuki Kawashima EI Associate Professor Database, Transaction Processing, System Software
Norihisa Kawashima MAG Part-time Lecturer
Takeshi Kawazoe PM Professor Harmonic Analysis on Lie Groups, Fourier Analysis, Wavelet Analysis
Ohkubo Kazutaka MAG Project Professor
Song-Ju Kim MAG Project Associate Professor natural intelligence, natural computing, complex systems, nonlinear dynamical systems, randomness, ICT, statistical physics
Shojiro Kitajima MAG Project Assistant Professor
Yasushi Kiyoki EI Professor multimedia database, multidatabase
Hidenaga Kobashi MAG Project Assistant Professor Ophthalmology, Entrepreneurship, Data science
Kazumasa Kobayashi MAG Project Professor
Hiroto Kobayashi MAG Professor Architecture, Urban and Rural Design, Machizukuri (Town management)
Kenji Kohiyama MAG Professor Emeritus Wireless Communication, Digital Image Processing
Ai Koizumi MAG Project Assistant Professor
Toshiaki Kojima MAG Project Professor Marketing strategy
Akiko Kokubo MAG Part-time Lecturer
Jiro Kokuryo PM Professor Management Information System
Nobuaki Kono MAG Project Assistant Professor Bioinformatics, Synthetic Biology, Systems Biology
Masahiro Kotosaka PM Associate Professor International Business, Strategy, Entrepreneurship
Kenta Koyama MAG Project Researcher
Miyuki Kubota MAG Project Assistant Professor
Shunsuke Kubota MAG Project Associate Professor
Noriatsu Kudo MAG Project Research Associate
Yohei Kuga MAG Project Assistant Professor
Takahiro Kunieda PM Professor French literature, French language education
Hiroko Kuniya MAG Project Professor
Shuichi Kurabayashi MAG Part-time Lecturer Multidatabase, Active Database and Multimedia Database
Satoshi Kurishima MAG Part-time Lecturer
Hiroki Kuroda EI Associate Professor Developmental Biology
Tatsuya Kurosaka MAG Project Associate Professor
Hiroyuki Kusumoto EI Professor Computer Network
Takeo Kuwahara PM Professor Marketing, Consumer Research
Hiroshi Mano MAG Project Professor
Ueta Masamichi MAG Project Assistant Professor
Yoshimasa Masuda MAG Project Associate Professor
Tsuneo Masuda MAG Project Research Associate
Toshiyuki Masui EI Professor
Emu Masuyama MAG Project Assistant Professor
Kenji Matsubara MAG Project Professor
Takashi Matsuhashi MAG Project Associate Professor
Koji Matsui PM Professor
Shohei Matsukawa EI Associate Professor Architectural Design, Algorithmic Design, Design ProcessTheory
Naoki Matsuo MAG Part-time Lecturer Climate Change Issues
Shinichiro Matsuo MAG Project Professor
Takeshi Matsuya MAG Project Assistant Professor
Sara Metwalli MAG Project Researcher
Masaki Minami MAG Project Assistant Professor Internet Architecture
Takeshi Mishima MAG Project Professor
Jin Mitsugi EI Professor Wireless communications, Space structures, Computational engineering
Gota Miura MAG Project Associate Professor
Emi Miyachi MAG Project Professor
Gen Miyagaki PM Professor Sociology, Economic Sociology, Civil Society, Community, Social Network, Social Capital and Trust
Yasutake MIYASHIRO PM Associate Professor Political philosophy, French philosophical thoughts
Masaru Mori MAG Project Research Associate Proteomics, Analytical Chemistry, Pharmacy
Sachiko Mori PM Professor Clinical Psychology, Psychoanalysis
Kanako Morita MAG Project Assistant Professor
Takumi Moriya MAG Project Researcher
Yutaka Murabayashi MAG Guest Professor
Jun Murai EI Professor Computer communications, Operating system
Junko Murai MAG Project Associate Professor Oncology, Cell Biology
Yutaro Muraji MAG Project Research Associate
Shinnosuke Murakami MAG Project Research Associate Environmental Microbiology, Balneology
Makoto Murata MAG Project Professor Document Processing
Kenji Naemura MAG Professor Emeritus information & communications system, intellectual property system
Koichi Nagase MAG Project Professor
Yasuhiro Naito EI Professor Theoretical Biology
Yuko Nakahama EI Professor Applied Linguistics (Second Language Acquisition, Discourse Analysis)
Naoto Nakajima MAG Project Associate Professor
Nobuhiko Nakajima MAG Project Associate Professor
Osamu Nakamura EI Professor Computer Science, Internet
Makiko Nakamuro PM Professor Economics of education
Masafumi Nakane MAG Project Research Associate information accessibility
Yasuto Nakanishi EI Professor Information Design, Experience Design, Human Interface, Urban Computing, Design Aid System, Creative Activity Support
Toshihiro Nakayama PM Professor U.S. Politics and Foreign Policy, US-Japan Relations, International Relations
Jin Nakazawa EI Professor Distributed Systems, Middleware, Ubiquitous Computing, Computer Networks
Takashi Namba MAG Project Professor
Kenzo Narita MAG Project Research Associate Swimming, Sports biomechanics, Coaching
Hajime Narukawa MAG Associate Professor fine art, design, architecture, perspective drawing, world map projection, data visualization
Takeshi Natsuno MAG Guest Professor Strategic Management
Jun Nemoto MAG Project Researcher
Hasumi Nishikawa PM Assistant Professor French Literature, French as a Foreign Language
Junichi Nitta MAG Project Research Associate
Masato Nobutoki MAG Project Professor
Hiroyuki Nobutomo MAG Project Associate Professor
Wataru Noguchi MAG Project Associate Professor
Yo NONAKA PM Associate Professor Southeast Asian Studies (esp. Indonesia), Malay-Indonesian language
Masafumi Oe MAG Project Associate Professor
Yukino Ogawa MAG Project Assistant Professor
Eiji Oguma PM Professor Historical Sociology
Masato Ohba MAG Project Researcher
Yuji Ohgi MAG Professor Sports Engineering, Sports Biomechanics, Human Functional Measurement, Wireless Measurement Technique
Kazuo Ohno MAG Project Researcher
Toshio Ohori EI Professor Linguistics (Semantics, Functional typology, Discourse analysis)
Akira Oikawa MAG Project Associate Professor
Kazuya Okada MAG Project Research Associate
Satoko OKI EI Associate Professor Seismology, Disaster Information, Safety Education, Communication of Disaster Science
Tadashi Okoshi MAG Project Associate Professor Distributed System, Mobile Computing, Ubiquitous Computing, Context-aware Computing, Attention-aware Computing
Manabu Omae MAG Professor Mechanical Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Advanced Vehicle Control and Safety Systems
Takashi Osaka PM Professor Public safety policy, Police studies, Criminal Justice, Cybersecurity
Taro Ozawa PM Professor Public Economics (Public Choice), Game Theory (Strategic Studies)
Noriko Endo, Ph.D. MAG Project Professor Energy and Environmental Policy, Risk Governance, Energy Security
Aw Wan Ping MAG Project Research Associate
Irene Rachmawan MAG Project Research Associate Database, Semantic Computing, Optimization Computing
ASAJI Rie MAG Project Researcher
ONOZUKA Ryou MAG Project Research Associate
Kunifumi Saito PM Assistant Professor New Types of Jurisprudence, Technological Innovation in Financial Services
Yasuhiro Saito MAG Project Assistant Professor
Rintaro Saito MAG Project Professor Bioinformatics, Network Biology
Kyosuke Sakakura MAG Project Associate Professor
Yasuo Sakamoto MAG Project Professor
Shinya Sakuma MAG Project Professor
Shuzo SAKURADA MAG Project Assistant Professor
Shiori Sasaki MAG Project Associate Professor
Atsuo T. Sasaki MAG Project Professor Cell Biology / Cancer Metabolism / GTP-Energy Metabolism
Keiko Sasaki MAG Project Researcher
Masaaki Sato MAG Project Associate Professor Computer Networking, Network mobility, InternetITS(Probe/floating car)
Yuki Sato MAG Project Research Associate
Taisuke SATO MAG Project Research Associate Network Engineering, Wireless Communications
Takahiko Satoh MAG Project Research Associate
Kiyotoshi Satoh MAG Project Assistant Professor Cancer biology
Patrick Savage EI Project Associate Professor Music, Psychology, Anthropology, Computer Science, Cultural Evolution, Digital Humanities
Yuji Sekiya MAG Project Associate Professor
Rajib Shaw MAG Professor Environment and Disaster Management
Sakae Shibusawa MAG Project Professor
Kentaro Shihaku MAG Project Associate Professor
Toshio Shimada MAG Part-time Lecturer
Akihito Shimazu PM Professor Psychology,Behavioral science,Health science, Occupational health,Mental health.
Hideo Shimazu MAG Project Professor
Yuichiro Shimizu PM Professor Japanese Politics, Modern Japanese History, Politics-Administration Relationship, Oral History
Atsushi Shimono MAG Project Assistant Professor
Fumio Shimpo PM Professor Constitutional Law, Cyber-Law, Robot-Law
Atsushi Shinjo EI Professor Information Policy, Computer Science, Agri-InfoScience, Health Science, Advanced Photonics
Sayuri Shirai PM Professor Monetary Policy, International Finance, Japanese Economy, Global Economy, Money
Yuko Shirai MAG Associate Professor Urban engineering / Environmental engineering / Forest and water environmental system / From forest to timber to wooden architecture / Social system for public property / Urbanism in Germany and France / Technological developments in forestry
Yasuki Shirakawa MAG Part-time Lecturer
Mayu Shono MAG Project Research Associate
Michael Smith MAG Project Professor Web standards
Tomoyoshi Soga EI Professor Metabolomics, Analytical Chemistry, Cancer metabolism
Kentaro Suga MAG Part-time Lecturer
Minoru Sugai MAG Part-time Lecturer
Yumi Sugihara PM Associate Professor
Masahiro Sugimoto MAG Project Professor Bioinformatics
Miwa Suto MAG Project Professor Corporate Strategy, Organization Managment Strategy, Branding
Masaki Suwa EI Professor cognitive science, artificial intelligence, communication design, design science
Kan Hiroshi SUZUKI PM Professor Policy Making Process,Governance, Education Policy, Sports Policy,Medical Inovation Policy, Information Policy
Shigeya Suzuki MAG Project Professor Internet, Operating System, Computer System Architecture, Computer System Implementation Technology, Data Security, Authentication, Blockchain
Eiichi Tajima PM Professor The Study on China, Especially on Chinese Civil Society, Public Religions, and Chinese Christian Associations.
Kosumo Takagi MAG Project Research Associate
Takeya Takagi PM Assistant Professor Korean Language Study, Dialectology, Discourse Analysis
Kouichi Takahashi MAG Project Professor
Shunsuke Takahashi MAG Project Professor
Shintaro Takahashi MAG Project Assistant Professor
Yoshinori Takano MAG Project Associate Professor
Kazunori Takashio EI Professor Cloud Network Robotics, Social Robotics, Human-Robot Interaction, Ubiquitous Computing
OGAWA Takayo MAG Project Associate Professor
Keiji Takeda EI Professor Information Security ( Intrusion Detection, Security Architecture, Software Security etc.)
Yoshiyasu Takefuji EI Professor Neural computing, machine learning, IoT, security, energy harvesting
Setsuo Takekawa MAG Project Professor
Tsukasa Takenaka MAG Part-time Lecturer
Masatoshi Tamamura PM Professor Public Management, Social Marketing
Hiroya Tanaka EI Professor Design Tool, Design Machine, Personal Fabrication, Social Fabrication
Toru Tanaka MAG Project Professor
Koichiro Tanaka MAG Professor  International relations in West Asia (Middle East) region, with a strong focus on Iran and Afghanistan
Masahiro Tanaka MAG Project Associate Professor
Mitsuteru Tashiro MAG Project Associate Professor infosocionomics communication-on-network Flare carrying-out-an-election-campaign-using-the-Internet
Yoshihide Terada MAG Project Research Associate Applied Microeconomics, SDGs
Satoru Tezuka EI Professor Cybersecurity, Information Security, Electronic Authentication, Electronic Signature, Electronic Government System
Achmad Husni Thamrin MAG Project Assistant Professor Internet technology, multicast communications
Takuji Tokiwa MAG Project Associate Professor Science communication, Research administration
Nao Tokui MAG Associate Professor Computational Creativity, Artificial Intelligence, Media Art, Music
Takashi Tomine MAG Project Assistant Professor
Masaru Tomita EI Professor Systems Biology, Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, Regional Policy
MATSUYAMA Tomoki MAG Project Associate Professor
Takao Tomono MAG Project Assistant Professor
Yuko Toukairin MAG Associate Professor Life skill program coaching
Keisuke Toyoda MAG Part-time Lecturer
Motohiro Tsuchiya MAG Professor Cyber Security, International Relations, and Studies on Information Society
Yasutaka Tsuji MAG Project Research Associate
Isao Tsukagoshi MAG Professor Emeritus Architecture, Urban Disaster Management, Building Fire
Michito Tsuruoka PM Associate Professor International security; European politics; NATO; European integration; nuclear policy
Eiko Uchiyama MAG Project Associate Professor
Makoto Udagawa MAG Project Professor Information Security, Cloud Service, AI, Platform, Project Management, GPU Computing
Keisuke Uehara EI Associate Professor Computer Networks
Shinichi Ueyama PM Professor Corporate Strategy, Public Policy, Public Management, Museum Management, Area Development
Masaki Umejima MAG Project Associate Professor Energy System, Information Management System Study, Policy Management Study, Entrepreneurship
UMEYA¡¡Mikio MAG Project Researcher
Kimio Uno MAG Professor Emeritus Economic Policy, International Relations, Modeling Simulation
Junichi Ushiyama EI Associate Professor Movement physiology, Neurophysiology
Rodney D. Van Meter EI Professor quantum computing, Post-Moore's Law computer architecture, distributed mass storage systems
Tatsuma Wada PM Professor International Finance, Econometrics, Macroeconomics
Yujun Wakashin MAG Project Associate Professor
Masataka Wakayama MAG Project Assistant Professor
Akira Wakita EI Professor Visualization, Geometric Modeling, Smart Material
Ikumi Waragai PM Professor Language & Teaching Design, Language Learning Technology, German literature, media studies
Tomoaki Watanabe MAG Project Associate Professor
Mitsuhiro Watanabe MAG Professor Health Science, Anti-aging, Metabolic Disease, Naturopathic Medicine, Preventive Medicine
Yasushi WATANABE EI Professor American Studies, Cultural Policy, Public Diplomacy, Cultural Anthropology
He Xuan MAG Project Research Associate
Nozomu Yachie MAG Project Associate Professor Systems Biology, Bioinformatics
Naohisa Yahagi MAG Associate Professor System Strategy, System Design, Strategy for value-based healthcare delivery
Satoru Yamaguchi MAG Project Professor
Michio Yamaguchi MAG Part-time Lecturer
Yuji Yamamoto MAG Part-time Lecturer
Aihito Yamashita MAG Project Professor
YAMATO¡¡Hiroshi MAG Project Researcher
Wanglin YAN EI Professor GIS, Urban and Regional Environment, Climate Change, Science of Sustainability
Isao Yanagimachi PM Professor
Jiayue Yang MAG Project Researcher
Koichi Yokota MAG Project Professor
Yoko Yokoyama MAG Project Research Associate Nutritional Epidemiology, Meta-analysis, Qualitative Study
Kazuaki Yoneda MAG Project Research Associate
Yasushi Yoshida MAG Part-time Lecturer
Sekine Yoshika MAG Part-time Lecturer Environmental Chemistry
Mari Yoshitaka MAG Part-time Lecturer Environmental Business/Environmental Finance
Katsuyuki YUGI MAG Project Associate Professor
Nakajima, Yukihiro MAG Project Research Associate Political Science, Electoral System, Bayesian Statistics, GIS
Haolan Zheng PM Associate Professor Modern and Contemporary History of China, Chinese Area Studies
£Ô£á£ô£ó£õ£î£ï£ò£é¡¡£È£á£ò£á MAG Project Associate Professor
Hideyuki £Ù£á£ó£õ£é MAG Part-time Lecturer