[ PM] Faculty of Policy Management
[ EI] Faculty of Environment and Information Studies
[ NMC] Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care
[ MAG] Graduate School of Media and Governance
[ HM] Graduate School of Health Management
[ Other]
Kunihiro Baba Other Teacher Data Science
Wakana Baba PM Assistant Professor German Language Education, Modern German History
Yoon Bae PM Part-time Lecturer
Yingjiu Bai MAG Part-time Lecturer Community-based Adaptation to Climate Change; Urban Heat Islands Monitoring and Mitigation; Applications of Geographical Information System (GIS)
Rudyanto Bambang MAG Part-time Lecturer
Emiko Ban EI Part-time Lecturer
Shigeru BAN EI Guest Professor
Aaron Olaf Batty NMC Associate Professor Applied linguistics, English education, language testing, assessment, item response theory (IRT), Rasch models
Simon M. Bedelo EI Part-time Lecturer
Sean Bonner MAG Project Associate Professor Citizen / Crowd science and activism
Alana Bonzi EI Part-time Lecturer CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), Sustainable Development, Project Based Learning, Foreign Language and Cross cultural Education, Academic-Public-Private Partnerships
Kyosuke Bunji PM Part-time Lecturer
Patricia Belen, Takayama PM Part-time Lecturer