[ PM] Faculty of Policy Management
[ EI] Faculty of Environment and Information Studies
[ NMC] Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care
[ MAG] Graduate School of Media and Governance
[ HM] Graduate School of Health Management
[ Other]
John Ngoy Kalenga PM Part-time Lecturer
Kenji Naemura MAG Professor Emeritus information & communications system, intellectual property system
Kenta Nagakubo EI Part-time Lecturer
Tomohisa Nagano PM Part-time Lecturer Sport Psychology, Football science, Ergonomics
Ben Nagaoka EI Part-time Lecturer
Koichi Nagase MAG Project Professor
Koichi Nagashima PM Part-time Lecturer
Satoko Nagata NMC Professor
Tomomi Nagumo PM Part-time Lecturer
Takeo Nagura Other Professor
Kiyosi Naito PM Part-time Lecturer
Yasuhiro Naito EI Professor Theoretical Biology
Junko Nakagawa PM Part-time Lecturer
Yuko Nakahama EI Professor Applied Linguistics (Second Language Acquisition, Discourse Analysis)
Naoto Nakajima MAG Project Associate Professor
Nobuhiko Nakajima MAG Project Associate Professor
Hitoshi Nakajima PM Part-time Lecturer
Osamu Nakamura EI Professor Computer Science, Internet
Sunao Nakamura Other Professor
Tagiru Nakamura EI Part-time Lecturer Social Neuroscience; Experimental Psychology; Linguistics (Pragmatics);
Makiko Nakamuro PM Professor Economics of education
Masafumi Nakane MAG Project Research Associate information accessibility
Yasuto Nakanishi EI Professor Information Design, Experience Design, Human Interface, Urban Computing, Design Aid System, Creative Activity Support
Akito Nakano EI Part-time Lecturer
Kazumi Nakao PM Part-time Lecturer
Toshihiro Nakayama PM Professor U.S. Politics and Foreign Policy, US-Japan Relations, International Relations
Jin Nakazawa EI Professor Distributed Systems, Middleware, Ubiquitous Computing, Computer Networks
Takashi Namba MAG Project Professor
Masatoshi Nara Other
Kenzo Narita MAG Project Research Associate Swimming, Sports biomechanics, Coaching
Hajime Narukawa MAG Associate Professor fine art, design, architecture, perspective drawing, world map projection, data visualization
Takeshi Natsuno MAG Guest Professor Strategic Management
Jun Nemoto MAG Project Researcher
Tomoya Nishiguchi PM Part-time Lecturer
Hasumi Nishikawa PM Assistant Professor French Literature, French as a Foreign Language
Ryouhei Nishina NMC Research Associate
Akira Nishio PM Guest Lecturer
Kazumi Nishio NMC Part-time Lecturer
Keiji Nishioka Other Professor Emeritus differential algebra
Junichi Nitta MAG Project Research Associate
Masato Nobutoki MAG Project Professor
Hiroyuki Nobutomo MAG Project Associate Professor
Tomoko Noda NMC Part-time Lecturer
Kazuyuki Noguchi Other Lecturer
Wataru Noguchi MAG Project Associate Professor
Toru Nomura Other Professor Emeritus Malay-Indonesian language, History of Southeast Asia(esp. history of Malay world.), History of railways
Yo NONAKA PM Associate Professor Southeast Asian Studies (esp. Indonesia), Malay-Indonesian language
Kiyoka Nozue NMC Professor Psychiatric & Mental Health Nursing , Psychiatric Consultation Liaison Nursing
Masashi Nakatani, Ph.D. EI Associate Professor Haptics, Sensor engineering