[ PM] Faculty of Policy Management
[ EI] Faculty of Environment and Information Studies
[ NMC] Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care
[ MAG] Graduate School of Media and Governance
[ HM] Graduate School of Health Management
[ Other]
Gen Sadayasu PM Part-time Lecturer
Shigeko Saiki-Craighill NMC Professor Pediatric Nursing, Qualitative Research Methods
Kunifumi Saito PM Assistant Professor New Types of Jurisprudence, Technological Innovation in Financial Services
Kenji Saito EI Part-time Lecturer Distributed systems, Real-time Systems, Internet and Society
Toshinori Saito EI Part-time Lecturer
Nobuo Saito EI Professor Emeritus Computer Science, OS, Parallel/Distributed Computing, Software Engineering
Yasuhiro Saito MAG Project Assistant Professor
Yoshinobu Saito HM Research Associate
Rintaro Saito MAG Project Professor Bioinformatics, Network Biology
Norihito Saitoh MAG Project Associate Professor
Tomoya Saitou HM Part-time Lecturer
Kiyonori Sakakibara PM Professor Emeritus Strategic management, Innovation research, Science and technology policy
Hiroshi Sakakibara EI Part-time Lecturer
Kyosuke Sakakura PM Part-time Lecturer
Shinichi Sakamoto PM Part-time Lecturer
Noboru Sakamoto HM Part-time Lecturer
Yasuo Sakamoto MAG Project Professor
Mina Sakamura EI Part-time Lecturer
Hiroyuki Sakata EI Part-time Lecturer
Itsuki Sakitsu EI Part-time Lecturer
Shinya Sakuma MAG Project Professor
Shuzo SAKURADA MAG Project Assistant Professor
Takehiko Sano HM Associate Professor Sport Management
Hitomi Sano MAG Project Research Associate
Petrus Ari Santoso PM Visiting Lecturer (Full-time) Teaching Indonesian as a foreign language and intercultural communication
Megumi Saruwatari PM Part-time Lecturer
Atsuo Sasaki MAG Project Professor
Shiori Sasaki MAG Project Associate Professor
Naoki Sasaki EI Part-time Lecturer
Mitsuo Sasaki EI Professor Emeritus
Yoshie Sasaki PM Part-time Lecturer
Yoshiko Sasaki NMC Part-time Lecturer
Ayako Sato PM Part-time Lecturer
Kashiwa Sato EI Guest Professor ArtDirection/CreativeDirection
Taisuke SATO MAG Project Research Associate Network Engineering, Wireless Communications
Takahito Sato PM Part-time Lecturer
Chie Sato HM Project Research Associate
Masaaki Sato MAG Project Associate Professor Computer Networking, Network mobility, InternetITS(Probe/floating car)
Masahiko Sato EI Guest Professor Methology of Education , Methodology of Expressing Concepts
Yuki Sato MAG Project Research Associate
Rie Sato HM Project Researcher
Kiyotoshi Satoh MAG Project Assistant Professor Cancer biology
Takahiko Satoh MAG Project Research Associate
Patrick Savage EI Project Associate Professor Music, Psychology, Anthropology, Computer Science, Cultural Evolution, Digital Humanities
Satoshi Sawada EI Part-time Lecturer
Atsushi Seike HM Guest Professor
Keiichiro Seki PM Part-time Lecturer Information and Communications Policy
Tomoko Seki EI Part-time Lecturer
Masaru Seki HM Part-time Lecturer
Yuji Sekiya MAG Project Associate Professor
Masayoshi Sen MAG Project Associate Professor
Rajib Shaw MAG Professor Environment and Disaster Management
Masaru Shibahara PM Part-time Lecturer
Tetsuya Shibayama HM Part-time Lecturer
Sakae Shibusawa MAG Project Professor
Tomofumi Shibuya PM Part-time Lecturer
Kentaro Shihaku MAG Project Associate Professor
Toshio Shimada MAG Part-time Lecturer
Noriko Shimada PM Part-time Lecturer
Hideo Shimazu MAG Project Professor
Nobuhiro Shimizu MAG Project Research Associate
Hiroshi Shimizu EI Professor Emeritus Environmental Technology, Electric Vehicle
Yuichiro Shimizu PM Professor Japanese Politics, Modern Japanese History, Politics-Administration Relationship, Oral History
Atsushi Shimono MAG Project Assistant Professor
Susumu Shimoyama PM Guest Professor Media, Impact of technological innovation on Media
Minoru Shimozaki Other Professor Emeritus Translation studies, Cognitive linguistics, Contrastive linguistics
Fumio Shimpo PM Professor Constitutional Law, Cyber-Law, Robot-Law
Keiichiro Shindo MAG Project Associate Professor
Atsushi Shinjo EI Professor Information Policy, Computer Science, Agri-InfoScience, Health Science, Advanced Photonics
Issei Shinohara PM Part-time Lecturer
Ai Shioda HM Project Research Associate
Akiko Shioda PM Part-time Lecturer
Kazuhiro Shiozawa PM Part-time Lecturer
Sayuri Shirai PM Professor Monetary Policy, International Finance, Japanese Economy, Global Economy
Yuko Shirai MAG Associate Professor Urban engineering / Environmental science / Forest and water environmental system / From forest to timber to wooden architecture / Social system for public property / Urbanism in Germany and France / Technological developments in forestry
Yasuki Shirakawa MAG Part-time Lecturer
Mayu Shono MAG Project Research Associate
Patricia Rosales Sierra PM Part-time Lecturer
Michael Smith MAG Project Professor Web standards
Etsuko Soeda NMC Assistant Professor
Tomoyoshi Soga EI Professor Metabolomics, Analytical Chemistry, Cancer metabolism
Erez Golani Solomon EI Part-time Lecturer
Yasunori Sone Other Professor Emeritus Political Science and Policy Analysis
Makoto Suematsu Other Professor
Kentaro Suga MAG Part-time Lecturer
Minoru Sugai MAG Part-time Lecturer
Shuichi Sugawara PM Part-time Lecturer
Taku Sugawara PM Part-time Lecturer
Hiroyuki Sugawara HM Part-time Lecturer
Yumi Sugihara PM Associate Professor
Naomi Sugimoto NMC Professor Health communication, Communication Education, Intercultural communication)
Masahiro Sugimoto MAG Project Professor Bioinformatics
Manabu Sugiura EI Part-time Lecturer
Yuichi Sugiyama EI Part-time Lecturer
Masashi Suita PM Part-time Lecturer
Masahiro Sumi PM Part-time Lecturer
Hideki Sunahara Other Professor
Miwa Suto MAG Project Professor Corporate Strategy, Organization Managment Strategy, Branding
Masaki Suwa EI Professor cognitive science, artificial intelligence, communication design, design science
Kazuhiro Suzuki PM Part-time Lecturer
Kan Hiroshi SUZUKI MAG Professor Policy Making Process,Governance, Education Policy, Sports Policy,Medical Inovation Policy, Information Policy
Satoko Suzuki PM Part-time Lecturer
Takaaki Suzuki NMC Part-time Lecturer
Tetsuya Suzuki Other Professor
Haruo Suzuki EI Associate Professor Bioinformatics, Microbiology
Muni Suzuki PM Part-time Lecturer
Yuji Suzuki Other Professor Emeritus Linguistics (Semantics, Pragmatics), English Linguistics
Myeong Su Tomidokoro PM Part-time Lecturer
Melia Sandya Utami PM Part-time Lecturer