[ PM] Faculty of Policy Management
[ EI] Faculty of Environment and Information Studies
[ NMC] Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care
[ MAG] Graduate School of Media and Governance
[ HM] Graduate School of Health Management
[ Other]
Aw Wan Ping MAG Project Research Associate
Tatsuma Wada PM Associate Professor International Finance, Econometrics, Macroeconomics
Masahiko Wada EI Part-time Lecturer
Ryoko Wada PM Part-time Lecturer Experimental Economics
Kensuke Wakabayashi PM Part-time Lecturer
Ayako Wakano PM Part-time Lecturer
Yujun Wakashin MAG Project Associate Professor
Masataka Wakayama MAG Project Research Associate
Akira Wakita EI Professor Visualization, Geometric Modeling, Smart Material
Ikumi Waragai PM Professor Germanistik, Didaktik
Kilyong Watanabe PM Professor Emeritus Socio-cultural Studies, Globalization Studies, Socio-linguistics, Korean Area Studies.
Keiichi Watanabe EI Part-time Lecturer Economic Geography, Urban Geography, Study of Global Cities
Kenji Watanabe EI Professor Kampo Medicine, Health Informatics, International Classification of Diseases
Toshio Watanabe EI Professor Mathematical analysis of psychological phenomenon, Space perception and space cognition,Life design
Tomoaki Watanabe MAG Project Associate Professor
Mayumi Watanabe HM Project Research Associate
Michiko Watanabe HM Professor
Mitsuhiro Watanabe MAG Professor Health Science, Anti-aging, Metabolic Disease, Naturopathic Medicine, Preventive Medicine
Yasushi WATANABE EI Professor Cultural Anthropology, Cultural Policy, Public Diplomacy, American Studies
Youka Watanabe EI Part-time Lecturer
Yorizumi Watanabe PM Professor International Political Economy, GATT/WTO Law, Trade Policy, European Integration
Chen Wenbo MAG Part-time Lecturer
Johannes Wilhelm PM Associate Professor Japanese Studies, Ethnology, Coastal Fisheries, Resources Management, Social Vulnerability, Rural Community Studies (Japanese/European), Great East Japan Earthquake, Local History of Ishinomaki area, Informal Institutions etc.
Mukesh K. Williams EI Part-time Lecturer South Asian Area Studies, Research Methodology, American Studies, Media and Asian Security
Walter Wyman EI Visiting Lecturer (Full-time) East Asian Studies (Japanese language), Religious Studies