[ PM] Faculty of Policy Management
[ EI] Faculty of Environment and Information Studies
[ NMC] Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care
[ MAG] Graduate School of Media and Governance
[ HM] Graduate School of Health Management
[ Other]
Nozomu Yachie MAG Project Associate Professor Systems Biology, Bioinformatics
Kaori Yagasaki NMC Associate Professor
Kinnosuke Yagi PM Professor Emeritus
Naoto Yagi PM Part-time Lecturer
Kazuhiro Yaguchi PM Part-time Lecturer
Naohisa Yahagi MAG Associate Professor System Strategy, System Design, Strategy for value-based healthcare delivery
Kasumi Yajima EI Part-time Lecturer
Zoonie Yamada PM Part-time Lecturer
Takako Yamada PM Part-time Lecturer
Satoru Yamaguchi MAG Project Professor
Shingo Yamaguchi EI Associate Professor Information and communication policy, Radio policy, AI policy, Digital TV system, ICT system exporting strategy, Disaster management ICT system, Technical regulation and certification system
Tomonari Yamaguchi EI Part-time Lecturer
Michio Yamaguchi MAG Part-time Lecturer
Subaru Yamakage PM Part-time Lecturer
Koyo Yamamori Other Part-time Lecturer
Aya Yamamoto NMC Assistant Professor
Kaoru Yamamoto PM Assistant Professor Arabic Literature, Middle Eastern Society and Culture Studies
Kaoru Yamamoto PM Part-time Lecturer
Kota Yamamoto EI Part-time Lecturer
Junichi Yamamoto Other Professor Emeritus Mexican Studies (Politics and Economy), Solidarity Economy (Esp. Fair Trade)
Shinji Yamamoto HM Part-time Lecturer
Takaaki Yamamoto NMC Part-time Lecturer
Natsuki Yamamoto HM Project Research Associate
Noriko Yamamoto HM Part-time Lecturer
Hiroshi Yamamoto EI Part-time Lecturer
Hiroshi Yamamoto EI Part-time Lecturer Computer Science, Enbeded Systems, Internet of Things, Energy Harvesting
Yuji Yamamoto MAG Part-time Lecturer
Ryotaro Yamamoto PM Part-time Lecturer
Yuka Yamane PM Part-time Lecturer
Masato Yamanouchi EI Part-time Lecturer
Aihito Yamashita MAG Project Professor
Keita Yamauchi NMC Professor Health Economcs, Health Policy & Management, psychiatry
Hideki Yamawaki PM Guest Professor
Takayuki Yamazaki EI Part-time Lecturer
Ryo Yamazaki PM Guest Professor
Wanglin YAN EI Professor GIS, Urban and Regional Environment, Climate Change, Science of Sustainability
Fei Yan PM Part-time Lecturer
Isao Yanagimachi PM Professor
Satoshi Yanagimachi PM Part-time Lecturer
Yosuke Yanagisawa EI Part-time Lecturer
Jiayue Yang MAG Project Researcher
Masayo Yano HM Project Researcher
Masahiko Yashima PM Part-time Lecturer
Michiaki Yasumura EI Professor Emeritus Interaction Design, Human Computer Interaction, Computer Science
Kenji Yasuoka Other Professor
Lisa Yen PM Assistant Professor Contrastive Linguistics (Chinese-Japanese), Chinese Linguistics
Takenori Yogo PM Part-time Lecturer
Shoko Yohena NMC Part-time Lecturer
Koichi Yokota MAG Project Professor
Yoko Yokoyama MAG Project Research Associate Nutritional Epidemiology, Meta-analysis, Qualitative Study
Kazuaki Yoneda MAG Project Research Associate
Nanako Yoneyama NMC Part-time Lecturer
Yasushi Yoshida MAG Part-time Lecturer
Yukari Yoshihara EI Guest Lecturer
Sekine Yoshika MAG Part-time Lecturer Environmental Chemistry
Kimio Yoshimura Other Lecturer
Mari Yoshitaka MAG Part-time Lecturer Environmental Business/Environmental Finance
Hitoshi Yoshizaki EI Associate Professor Environmental Policy, Environmental Engineering
Yasuyo Yoshizawa PM Part-time Lecturer
Katsuyuki YUGI MAG Project Associate Professor
Robert Yui EI Part-time Lecturer
Nakajima, Yukihiro MAG Project Research Associate Political Science, Electoral System, Bayesian Statistics, GIS