[ PM] Faculty of Policy Management
[ EI] Faculty of Environment and Information Studies
[ NMC] Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care
[ MAG] Graduate School of Media and Governance
[ HM] Graduate School of Health Management
[ Other]
Nozomu Yachie MAG Project Associate Professor (Part-time) Synthetic and Systems Biology
Kaori Yagasaki NMC Professor
Kinnosuke Yagi PM Professor Emeritus, Keio University
Naoto Yagi PM Part-time Lecturer
Kazuhiro Yaguchi PM Part-time Lecturer
Naohisa Yahagi MAG Associate Professor System Strategy, System Design, Strategy for value-based healthcare delivery
Kasumi Yajima EI Part-time Lecturer
KANAU YAMADA PM Part-time Lecturer
Zoonie Yamada PM Part-time Lecturer
Takako Yamada PM Part-time Lecturer
Yumi Yamada MAG Researcher (Part-time) Geo informatics
Satoru Yamaguchi MAG Project Professor (Part-time)
Tomonari Yamaguchi EI Part-time Lecturer
Michio Yamaguchi MAG Part-time Lecturer
Subaru Yamakage PM Part-time Lecturer
Koyo Yamamori Other Part-time Lecturer
Aya Yamamoto NMC Assistant Professor
Kaoru Yamamoto PM Assistant Professor Arabic Literature, Middle Eastern Society and Culture Studies
Kaoru Yamamoto PM Part-time Lecturer
Kota Yamamoto EI Part-time Lecturer
Junichi Yamamoto Other Professor Emeritus, Keio University Mexican Studies (Politics and Economy), Solidarity Economy (Esp. Fair Trade)
Shinji Yamamoto HM Part-time Lecturer
Takaaki Yamamoto NMC Part-time Lecturer
Natsuki Yamamoto NMC Research Associate
Hiroshi Yamamoto EI Part-time Lecturer
Hiroshi Yamamoto EI Part-time Lecturer Computer Science, Enbeded Systems, Internet of Things, Energy Harvesting
Yuji Yamamoto MAG Part-time Lecturer
Ryotaro Yamamoto PM Part-time Lecturer
Yuka Yamane PM Part-time Lecturer
Masato Yamanouchi EI Part-time Lecturer
Aihito Yamashita MAG Project Professor (Part-time)
Keita Yamauchi NMC Professor Health Economcs, Health Policy & Management, psychiatry
Takayuki Yamazaki EI Part-time Lecturer
Ryo Yamazaki PM Guest Professor (Part-time)
Wanglin YAN EI Professor GIS, Urban and Regional Environment, Climate Change, Science of Sustainability
Fei Yan PM Part-time Lecturer
Yousuke Yanagawa PM Part-time Lecturer
Isao Yanagimachi PM Professor
Satoshi Yanagimachi PM Part-time Lecturer
Yosuke Yanagisawa EI Part-time Lecturer
Jiayue Yang MAG Project Research Associate
Masayo Yano HM Researcher (Part-time)
Masahiko Yashima PM Part-time Lecturer
Michiaki Yasumura EI Professor Emeritus, Keio University Interaction Design, Human Computer Interaction, Computer Science
Kenji Yasuoka Other Professor
Lisa Yen PM Assistant Professor Contrastive Linguistics (Chinese-Japanese), Chinese Linguistics
GUOHUA YIN PM Part-time Lecturer
Takenori Yogo PM Part-time Lecturer
Shoko Yohena NMC Part-time Lecturer
Koichi Yokota MAG Project Professor (Part-time)
Yoko Yokoyama MAG Project Assistant Professor Nutritional Epidemiology, Meta-analysis, Qualitative Study
Kazuaki Yoneda MAG Project Assistant Professor (Part-time)
Nanako Yoneyama NMC Part-time Lecturer
Koki Yoshida PM Part-time Lecturer
Yasushi Yoshida MAG Part-time Lecturer
Yukari Yoshihara EI Guest Lecturer (Part-time) Go
Sekine Yoshika MAG Part-time Lecturer Environmental Chemistry
Kimio Yoshimura Other Assistant Professor
Mari Yoshitaka MAG Part-time Lecturer Environmental Business/Environmental Finance
Hitoshi Yoshizaki EI Associate Professor Environmental Policy, Environmental Engineering
Yasuyo Yoshizawa MAG Project Assistant Professor (Part-time)
Katsuyuki YUGI MAG Project Associate Professor (Part-time)
Robert Yui EI Part-time Lecturer
Nakajima, Yukihiro MAG Project Research Associate (Part-time) Political Science, Electoral System, Bayesian Statistics, GIS
OSAWA, Yusuke HM Associate Professor