David J. Freedman
フリードマン, デビッド J. フリ-ドマン デビツド

専門分野Poetry/Literary Theory: Children's Literature,Queer Studies
主要著作・論文・作品 (publications, conference presentation):
Simulating Conversations; Harcourt, Brace (with J. Mancuso and G. Stenson) book published 1996. Beats and Shamanisim, Beat/Erotics Conference, Harvey Milk Institue paper presented November 1996. Japanese Porcelains and the Western Artistic Heritage, East Asian Arts Council (San Fernando) paper presented September 1996. Fujisawa Elegies, James White Review, poems published winter 1996. Luncheon: A Trialog, Gender Issues in Language Education, a Keio S. F. C. Language and Communication Research Institute Monograph, paper published 1996 (with Dr. Y. Takahashi). Luncheon: A Trialog, J. A. C. E. T. Conference, Seijo University, paper presented June 1996 (with Dr. Y. Takahashi). Cinema: A New Vernacular, CAJ Conference, Sapporo University, paper presented June 1995.

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