Alan J. McCornick
マコーニック, アラン J. マコ-ニツク アラン

Middlebury College (German Area Studies) (B.A. 1962);
Defence Language Institute, Monterey, California (Russian) (1963);
San Francisco State University (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) (M.A. 1970);
Stanford University (Language, Literacy and Culture) (Ph. D. 1988)

San Francisco State College;
U.S. Department of Labor, San Francisco (Centro Social Obrero);
Monterey Institute of Foreign Studies (now International Studies);
United Nations Development Program, Saudi Arabia;
University of California (Santa Cruz Campus);
University of California (Berkeley Extension);
Stanford University;
Keio University SFC (current, since 1989)
専門分野Intercultural Communication; Language, Literacy and Culture; Foreign Language Education
所属学会・団体TESOL (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages-national professional organization), NAFSA (National Association for Foreign Student Affairs); JALT (Japan Association of Language Teachers); NCTE (National Council of Teachers of English)
主要著作・論文・作品Japanese Students Abroad as Agents of Internationalization (1988. Ph.D. dissertation, Stanford Univ.); Conference presentations: On the Establishment of a Curriculum for Academic Orientation Programs (1981, CATESOL, Monterey, CA); Culture and Career: The Japanese Overseas Student (1988, TESOL, Chicago, IL); Dynamics of an ESL Discussion Class (1984, CATESOL, San Jose, CA); Views of Culture in ESL: The Japanese Experience (1988, CATESOL, San Francisco, CA); On the Negotiated Curriculum (Seoul, 1996, Korea TESOL Conference); Language, Gender, and Critical Pedagogy (Bangkok, 1997, Thai TESOL Conference). Publications: Intercultural Communication and the Issue of Values (1992, SFC Journal of Language and Communication); Conversations by Electronic Mail (1993, with Casanave and Hiraki, SFC Journal of Language and Communication); Journal Writing and the Damaged Language Learner (1993, SFC Monograph on Journal Writing); A Critical Approach to Language Teaching (1996, SFC Monograph on Gender Issues in Language Education)
連絡先〒252-0882 神奈川県藤沢市遠藤 5322