David Hoenigman
ヘニグマン, デイビッド ヘニグマン, デイビッド

Fort Hays State University (USA)
Master of Liberal Arts (Literary Studies) 2016
University of Dayton (USA)
Bachelor of Arts (Psychology, English) 1994
2018-2020早稲田大学 非常勤講師
2017-2018東京理科大学 非常勤講師
専門分野Experimental Literature, Creative Writing, Cultural Studies, CLIL
所属学会・団体2016-現在 JALT(全国語学教育学会)
1. Squeal for Joy (Schism 2 Books, 2016)
2. Burn Your Belongings (Jaded Ibis Press, 2010)
1. “Is Andy Warhol the Philosophical Godfather of the Internet? A Cyber-analysis of POPism” 青山社会情報研究Vol.11 (2020)
2. “The Madness of Peter Loew: Dracula, Nosferatu and New York City in Vampire’s Kiss” 青山社会情報研究Vol.10 (2019)
3. “Capturing the Self in Motion: How Frank O’Hara Channeled Jackson Pollock” 青山社会情報研究Vol.9 (2018)
4. “Nature Writing After Meltdown: Discussing Hiromichi Ugaya’s Portrait of Fukushima” 青山社会情報研究Vol.8 (2017)
1. “Avant-garde shamaness takes a poetic journey to the Californian suburbs” The Japan Times (Feb. 19, 2012)
2. “Hip-hop star gives designer a leg-up to fame” The Japan Times (Dec. 18, 2011)
3. “Break on through (to the puppet side)” The Japan Times (Oct. 16, 2011)
4. “Expat filmmaker knows what Japanese cult movie fans expect”
The Japan Times (Sept. 18, 2011)
5. “Yoko Ono, forever a force for peace” The Japan Times (Nov. 7, 2009)
6. “Director of Chaos”
Metropolis Magazine (June 18, 2009)
学生諸君へ一言Students need to be engaged in English study in a way that is purposeful and culturally significant to them. Cultivating and facilitating such opportunities is central to my educational philosophy.
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