Masahiro Kotosaka

Masahiro Kotosaka

Associate Professor
Faculty of Policy Management
Graduate School of Media and Governance
DegreesD.Phil in Management Studies
Other Positions Currently HeldNon-executive Director of Euglena, Raksul, Uzabase, Gojo & Company and Appirits
Short BiographyMasahiro Kotosaka is an Associate Professor at Keio University. He is an expert in Internationalization strategy and early stage strategy development, and an advisor to several global or start-up companies. Before moving to Keio, he was an associate professor of multinational management at Ritsumeikan University, a teaching & research associate at University of Oxford, and a consultant at McKinsey & Company based in Frankfurt and Tokyo. As a practitioner, he worked for strategy/marketing projects with sixteen client organizations across nine industries and nine countries, and spent four years running three profitable IT/Retail businesses before joining McKinsey. He graduated from University of Oxford with D.Phil. (Ph.D) in in Management Studies and MSc in Management Research with Distinction.
Areas of ExpertiseInternational Business, Strategy, Entrepreneurship
Courses TaughtINTERNATIONAL ENTERPRISES,MULTINATIONAL MANAGEMENT,MASTER SEMINAR,SEMINAR(Management Studies: searching for the future best practice through research and practice),SEMINAR(Management studies as a field of social science),ACADEMIC PROJECT (Platform and Innovation)
Affiliations・Academy of Management
・Academy of International Business
・Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics
・Strategic Management Society
Selected Publications(Working Papers presented)
1) Why Not Internationalization? A Longitudinal Study of IT StartUps in China, South Korea and Japan:
2) Field Transformations: Cross-Field and Intra-Field Institutional Work in Entrepreneurial Ecosystems:
3) Managing the Co-Habitation Process During Intra-Family Succession:

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(Book chapters/Translations)
・Kotosaka, M. & Sako, M. 2017. The Evolution of the ICT Start-up Eco-system in Japan: From Corporate Logic to Venture Logic?. In: NAKANO, T. (ed.) Japanese Management in Evolution New Directions, Breaks, and Emerging Practices. Abingdon, UK: Routledge.
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(Other publications)
・Kominers, S. D., Kotosaka, M., Sato, N., and Kanno A. 2019. “Raksul” Harvard Business School Case 819-115, Boston, MA: Harvard Business Publishing. (Case study material)
・Hagiu, A. and Kotosaka, M., 2012. “GREE, Inc.,” Harvard Business School Case 713-447, Boston, MA: Harvard Business Publishing. (Case study material)
Message to Students We recruit candidates for our BA, MSc, and PhD research seminar. Our focus is on the topics related to the following keywords: Institutional logic, emergent strategy, micro-foundations of strategy, strategy as practice, institutional/non-market strategy, internationalization process, Born Global, International New Ventures, and Global Value Chain.
Our current members come from various universities across the world, including Fudan university, Shanghai university, Cambridge university, Kyoto university, Ritsumeikan university, and Keio university. We expect all the candidates to demonstrate their basic capabilities to conduct academic research, and require them to submit their research proposal with appropriate citations from relevant literature. If you are interested in joining our research group, please send me a line.
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Contact Information5322 Endo Fujisawa, Kanagawa 252-0882 Japan
Keio University Shonan Fujisawa Campus
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NoteOn sabbatical leave during the spring semester 2020 academic year