Makoto Murata

Project Professor
Graduate School of Media and Governance
DegreesPh.D. in Engineering
Short BiographyKyoto University, Science Department (1982)
Areas of ExpertiseDocument Processing
Selected Publications•Makoto Murata, Akihiko Tozawa, Michiharu Kudo, and Satoshi Hada: "XML Access Control Using Static Analysis", ACM Transactions on Information and System Security, Volume 9, Issue 3, Pages 292 - 324, 2006.
•Makoto Murata, Dongwon Lee, Murali Mani, and Kohsuke Kawaguchi: Taxonomy of XML Schema Languages using Formal Language Theory, ACM Transactions on Internet Technology, Volume 5, Number 4, Pages 660-704, November 2005
•M. Murata, A. Tozawa, M. Kudo and S. Hada: "XML Access Control Using Static Analysis," ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security (2003) pp.73-84.
•M. Murata: "Extended Path Expressions for XML", ACM Principles of Database Systems '01, page 126-137, 2001
Message to StudentsLet us discuss in an international context without forgetting other languages and cultures. Do not limit your scope to domestic requirements and do not discuss only in Japan.
Contact Information5322 Endo Fujisawa, Kanagawa 252-0882 Japan
Keio University Shonan Fujisawa Campus