Hiroto Kobayashi

Hiroto Kobayashi

Graduate School of Media and Governance
Faculty of Environment and Information StudiesProfessor
DegreesDoctor of Design (Harvard University Graduate School of Design)
Short BiographyEducation:
Harvard University Graduate School of Design, Cambridge, MA, USA
Doctor of Design 2000-2003
Dissertation: ‘Cho: A Persistent Neighborhood Unity for Maintaining Microculture in Japanese Cities
Analyzing the Relationship between Social Structure and Urban Form’ 
Teaching Fellow for Professor Peter G. Rowe 2001
Teaching Fellow for Visiting Professor Kazuyo Sejima 2000
Master in Design Studies 1991-1992 Kyoto University Graduate School of Engineering, Kyoto, Japan
Master of Engineering in Architecture with the highest score 1986-1988
Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan Bachelor of Engineering in Architecture 1982-1986

Keio University Graduate School of Media and Governance, Fujisawa, Kanagawa, Japan
Professor (tenured) 2012-present Associate Professor (tenured) 2005-2012
Ljubljana University, Ljubljana, SloveniaVisiting Professor 2017
University of California, Berkeley, Berkeley, CA, USA Visiting Researcher at the Center for Japanese Studies 2012-2013
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Department of Architecture, Cambridge, MA, USA Visiting Associate Professor 2010, 2011 Co-teaching Urban Design/Architecture Studio with Prof. Shun Kanda
Harvard University Graduate School of Design, Cambridge, MA, USA Co-teaching Urban Design/Architecture Studio with Prof. Peter G. Rowe and Prof. Mark Mulligan 2007
Coordinator of Tokyo Urban Design studio by Prof. Peter G. Rowe 2006 Visiting Associate 2003-2005
Visiting Researcher with Fulbright Research Grant 1999-2000
Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan Research Associate/Campus planning Assistant 1996-1999

Kobayashi Maki Design Workshop (KMDW), Tokyo, Japan
Principal with Naomi Maki 1999-present
Principal architect of following projects:
Enoshima Veneer Beach House, Kanagawa, Japan 2017
Shichigahama Veneer Beach House, Sendai, Miyagi, Japan 2016
Keio Student Build Campus, House-1, Endo, Fujisawa, Kanagawa, Japan 2016
Minami-Aoyama Court Reform, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan 2015
Nepal Charikot Model House (Veneer House 5), Charikot, Dolakha, Nepal 2015
Philippine Cogon Barangay Daycare Center (Veneer House 4), Tagbilaran, Bohol, the Philippines 2014
Myanmar Ma Naw Hari Village Learning Center (Veneer House 3), Pathein, Myanmar 2013
Ishinomaki Maeami-hama Community House (Veneer House 2), Ishinomaki, Miyagi, Japan 2013
Shanghai Commercial Complex, Shanghai, China 2009-2013
Minami-sanriku Community House (Veneer House 1), Minami-sanriku, Miyagi, Japan 2012
Qingdao Housing project, Qingdao, China 2009-2012
Beijing Hills project, Beijing, China 2009-2011
DaoSheng Center, Changzhou, China 2008-2011
Shenyang Housing project, Shenyang, China 2008-2011
Y House 2009-2010
Tane Senior Daycare Center, Nagahama, Shiga, Japan 2009-2010
Park Front 5 project, Beijing, China 2009-2010
Hamadayama Residence, Tokyo, Japan 2007-2010
Kobe Commercial Complex exterior design, Kobe, Japan 2007-2010
T-Dock Project, Koror, Palau 2009-
Kobe 25th, Kobe, Japan 2007-2009
Hakone W House, Sengataki, Kanagawa, Japan 2007-2009
Jinan Retail/Kindergarten project, Jinan, China 2008-
S House, Suzhou, China 2008
Kiyota Otolaryngology Clinic, Tokyo, Japan 2007-2008
Changzhou City Center, Changzhou, China 2007-
Roppongi Subway Station, Tokyo, Japan 2005-2007
Akasaka Hexagon, Tokyo, Japan 2004-2007
Shanghai Vanke Headquarters, Shanghai, China 2004-2006
Wuxi Housing project, Wuxi, China 2004-2006
Sengataki Mountain House, Sengataki, Nagano, Japan 2003-2005

Consulting following projects:
Advisor of Ginza Town Management Association, Tokyo, Japan 2004-present
Advisor of Nihonbashi Town Management Association, Tokyo, Japan 2014-present

Skidmore Owings and Merrill LLP, Tokyo, Japan Japan Representative 2004-present
Coordinator of following projects:
Tokyo Midtown Redevelopment project 2004-2007
Nihonbashi Redevelopment project 2010-present
Otemachi Redevelopment project 2014-present

Sir Norman Foster and Partners, Frankfurt, Germany Senior Architect 2002-2003
Primary Design Team member of Commerzbank headquarters, Frankfurt, Germany

Nikken Sekkei LTD, Tokyo, Japan Senior Architect 1988-2006
Primary Design Team member of following projects:
Izumi Garden Redevelopment project, Tokyo, Japan 1994-1996
Iidabashi N Building, Tokyo, Japan 1993
Yomiuri Building, Tokyo, Japan 1991
Yokoso Building, Tokyo, Japan 1990

Membership of professional organization
Member of Japan Institution of Architects (JIA)
Member of Architectural Institution of Japan
Member of City Planning Institute of Japan

Contribution to Community:
Advisory Board of Nihonbashi Ichinobu Town Management Association, Chuo, Tokyo, Japan 2014-present
Advisory Board of Fujisawa City Mater Planning Committee, Fujisawa, Japan 2010
Advisory Board of Chuo-dori Street, Tokyo, Japan 2009-present
Advisory Board of Shibuya Ward City Planning Committee, Tokyo, Japan 2010
Advisory Board of Shibuya1000, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan
Advisory Board of Ginza Town Management Association, Chuo, Tokyo, Japan 2004-present

Contribution to Universities:
Member of Harvard University Graduate School of Design Alumni Council
Regional Representative 2003-2008
Areas of ExpertiseArchitecture, Urban and Rural Design, Machizukuri (Town management)
AffiliationsArchitectural Institute of Japan, The City Planning Institute of Japan
Selected PublicationsPublications:
Rethinking Resilience, Adaptation and Transformation in a Time of Change. ‘The veneer house experience: The role of architects in recovering community after disaster’ Springer International Publishing 2017
Zwischenstadt (translation w/Kei Minohara) Suiyosha 2017
Art and Society, ‘Toward Architecture in the Era of Empathy’ Tokyo-shoseki 2016
Quasi-dense City-Tokyo: Toward a New Middle Landscape, Mn’M Workbook 1, Intensities in Ten Cities, (Measuring the Non-Measurable 03) Flic Studio 2013
Tokyo Midtown, ‘Dynamism of Roppongi’ Shin-Kenchikusha 2007
CASE: Toyo Ito Sendai Mediatheque ‘Processing Incompletion’, Prestell/Harvard Design School 2002
Tokyo Inner City Project, 'Genius Loci of Edo/Tokyo' Gakugei Shuppan 2003
Works of Young Architects from the Harvard University Graduate School of Design/Japan 1999

‘Harvard Graduate School of Design, interview with Dean Mohsen Mostafavi’, a+u 2009
‘New relationship between art and community’, Mita Hyoron 2008
‘Power of town, form of town’, Ningen Kaigi 2004
‘SOM: work in Japan’, JA 2003
‘Harvard Design School, Interview with Dean Peter G. Rowe’, a+u 2003
‘The Big Dig, weave of separated city’, JA 2001
‘Foster; High-rise spiral tower in Frankfurt’, Nikkei Architecture 1994

Kajima Grant for Revitalization of Indigenous Wood Culture 2010
Toyota Grant for Rural Community Revitalization in Tane 2009
Shiga Prefecture Grant for Forestry Industry in Shiga Prefecture 2009
Mori Grant for International collaborative research on rural revitalization 2009
Keio Research Grant 2005-2009
Obayashi Grant 2001-2002
Harvard Design School Grant 2000-2002
Asahi Glass Research Grant 1999-2001
Fulbright Research Grant 1999-2000

Best Innovative in Eco-Material Architecture Award, Milano Expo. 2015, Cogon Veneer House
Best Cultural Space Design Award. Milano Expo. 2015, Ma Naw Hari Veneer House
Winner of the Inspirations Award, Contract Magazine, USA 2012
Good Design Award, Shibuya1000, Japan 2010
W+S Prototype Design, winner, Japan 2010
Tepco Design Award honorable mention, Hakone house, Japan 2009
Nihonbashi Redevelopment Exterior Design, winner with SOM, Japan 2009
ULI Global Award of Excellence with SOM, France 2008
Keio Campus building competition, runner-up, Japan 2007
Akasaka Hexagon competition, winner, Japan 2006

‘Non-flammable Wood Veneer House’, Non-flammable City Association,
Reform Exhibition, Tokyo Big Site, Tokyo, Japan 2013
‘Minami-sanriku Veneer House & Maeami-hama Veneer House’, AIJ exhibition for Revitalization of Tohoku, Tokyo, Japan 2013
‘Non-flammable Wood Veneer Tower’, Non-flammable City Association,
Reform Exhibition, Tokyo Big Site, Tokyo, Japan 2012
‘Maison en contreplaqué pour le bain public Utatsu’ Renaissance du Japon après le 11 Mars 2011,
Vision de la revitalisation du l’est du Japon après la catastrophe du 11 Mars, Paris, France 2012
‘Veneer House’, Exhibition at NeoCon World Trade Fair in Chicago, USA 2012
Living in Tane, Tane community center summer 2009, Curator, Shiga,Japan 2009
Living wood, living community, Hillside Forum spring 2009, Curator, Tokyo, Japan 2009
SOM Recent Works, Hillside Forum fall 2004, Curator, Tokyo, Japan 2005
Boston Urban Revitalization: The Bid Dig, Keio GSEC winter 2003, Curator, Tokyo, Japan 2003
Case: Sendai Mediatheque, GSD, Curator, Cambridge, USA 2002
Works of Young Architects from the GSD/Japan, Curator, Tokyo, Japan 1999,

‘Empathic Architecture’, Amandola, Italy, October 2018
‘Empathic Architecture’, Key note speech, Ljubljana University, Slovenia September 2017
‘Resilient, Responsive Redesign of Place’, Architecture Lecture Series, California College of the Arts, USA October 2013
‘Matured City, Ginza’, All Ginza Symposium, Tokyo, Japan 2013
‘Ginza Design Review 2013’, All Ginza Symposium, Tokyo, Japan 2013
‘Resilient, Responsive Re-design of Place’, Architecture For Humanity, San Francisco, USA 2013
‘Resilient, Responsive Re-design of Place’, University of Washington, Seattle, USA 2013
‘Resilient, Responsive Re-design of Place’, GESL conference, Tokyo, Japan 2013
‘Resilient, Responsive Re-design of Place’, Tohoku Planning Forum, Tokyo, Japan 2012
‘Ginza Design Review 2012’, All Ginza Symposium, Tokyo, Japan 2012
‘Resilient, Responsive Re-design of Place’, EERI symposium, Yangon, Myanmar 2012
‘Minami-sanriku Veneer House’, Towards a City Envisioning Life, its Meaning and/or Security, Nagoya City University, Nagoya, Japan 2012
‘MIT Keio Japan 3/11 Initiative Japan Design Workshop’, EI symposium, Tokyo, Japan 2011
‘Respecting Nature and Neighborhood Community Learning from Old Wisdom in Japan’, EERI symposium, Yangon, Myanmar 2011
‘Ginza Design Review 2011’, All Ginza Symposium, Tokyo, Japan 2011
‘Ginza Design Review 2010’, All Ginza Symposium, Tokyo, Japan 2010
‘Edo/Tokyo Transformation of the City’, MIT workshop in Tokyo Japan 2009
‘Ecological Life in Tane’, Mori Academy, Tokyo, Japan 2009
‘Ginza Design Review 2009’, All Ginza Symposium, Tokyo, Japan 2009
‘Shibuya: Urban Revitalization’, Japan Institution of Architects, Tokyo, Japan 2008
‘Urban Revitalization in Tokyo’, Town Management Association, Tokyo, Japan 2008
‘Ginza Design Review 2008’, All Ginza Symposium, Tokyo, Japan 2008
‘Controlling Urban Landscape in Tokyo’, Tokyo Design Forum, Tokyo, Japan 2007
‘Ginza Design Review 2007’, All Ginza Symposium, Tokyo, Japan 2007
‘Ginza Design Review 2006’, All Ginza Symposium, Tokyo, Japan 2006
‘Ginza Design Review 2005’, All Ginza Symposium, Tokyo, Japan 2005
‘Tokyo: A Cluster of Fragmented Memories from the Past’, Pusan International Architectural Cultural Festival, Pusan, Korea 2003
‘Urban Form Kyoto and Tokyo’, MIT architecture studio, Tokyo, Japan 2001

‘Tane MIT/Keio Japan Workshop’, Nagahama, Shiga, Japan 2007-present
‘Veneto Experience’, Veneto, Italy 2005-present
‘The Creation of Resilient Cities’, 24-hour workshop, Tokyo, Japan 2011
‘Nihonbashi Revitalization Pro-workshop’ with MIT, Tokyo, Japan 2004
‘Himeji Revitalization Workshop’, MIT studio, Hyogo, Japan 1999

Non-flammable wood burning test, Ishinomaki, Japan 2012

Message to StudentsWe cannot think about city or architecture without thinking about social and cultural aspects related to them. Design is our key word to comprehend and construct them in this unpredictable 21st century. Please have a look at our activity if you are interested in spatial design at SFC.
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