Shigeko Saiki-Craighill

Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care
Graduate School of Health Management
Short BiographyPhD: University of California, San Francisco (School of Nursing), 1994
Areas of ExpertisePediatric Nursing, Qualitative Research Methods
Selected Publications-Japanese Families Who Have Lost Children to Cancer: A Primary Study. Journal of Pediatric Nursing 1994
-The Children's Sentinels: Mothers and Their Relationships with Health Professionals in the Context of Japanese Health Care. Social Science and Medicine 1997
-Grieving Process of Japanese Mothers Who Have Lost a Child to Cancer, Part I: Adjusting to Life After Losing a Child. Journal of Pediatric Oncology Nursing 2001
-Grieving Process of Japanese Mothers Who Have Lost a Child to Cancer, Part II: Establishing a New Relationship. Journal of Pediatric Oncology Nursing 2001
-The Personal Development of Mothers of Terminal Cancer Patients: How
Japanese women change through the experience of caring for and losing their children to cancer. Qualitative Health Research 2002
-School Re-entry After a Cancer Diagnosis: Physician attitudes about truth telling and information sharing (coauthor). Child: Care, Health and Development 2005
-Telling Children and Adolescents about Their Cancer Diagnosis: Cross-cultural comparisons between pediatric oncologists in the US and Japan (coauthor). Psycho-Oncology 2007
-International Handbook of Qualitative Nursing Research (coauthor). Rout ledge 2013
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