Lisa Yen

Faculty of Policy Management
Areas of ExpertiseContrastive Linguistics (Chinese-Japanese), Chinese Linguistics
Selected PublicationsJournal Articles
1)“The Internal Diversity of Chinese and SFC Chinese Education”, KEIO SFC JOURNAL, (scheduled on Mar. 2020 to publish).
2)“The Relation between Six Selective Conjunction Forms and their Semantic Network ”, Journal of Foreign Language Education 15, Mar. 2019, 71-82.
3)“The Research of Popular Internet Word−YIYANBUHE”, Journal of Foreign Language Education 13, Mar. 2016, 163-173.
4)“Difference of Cognition as seen from the Research of Semantic Extension of 「agaru/ageru」 and “shang” ―About the None Upper Spatial Concept and Time.―,” Contrastive Studies : Japanese and Chinese 13, May. 2011, 46-58.
5)“The Similarity of Spatial Cognition from the Research of Semantic Extension of ue and agaru/ageru”, Journal of Language and Culture 19, Mar. 2010, 127-139.

Conference Presentations
1)“The Differences in the Cognition of Color Terms between Chinese and Japanese
About “ Name of Things + Color Term ” ”,The Japan Association of Comparative Culture (The 41th Annual Conference) , Kyoto, Japan,18th May. 2019.
2)“A Comparative Study of Japanese-Chinese Homographs with the Focus on ‘GOU/QUAN’ and‘INU/KEN’”, The Japan Association of Chinese Language Education (The 13th Annual Conference) , Kyoto, Japan, 7th June. 2015.
3)“Neutral Tone in Chinese textbooks-with or without Tone Mark-? ”, The Japan Association of Chinese Language Education (The 10th Annual Conference) , Tokyo, Japan, 3th June. 2012.
4)“Asymmetry between ‘BA’ and‘BEI’〜Regarding the Collocation of Complement”, The Chinese Linguistic Society of Japan (The 61th Annual Conference), Matsuyama, Japan, 30th October. 2011.
5)“A Case Study on Using Course Management System (WebCT) to Chinese Language Lessons. ”, Osaka University Society for the Study of Language and Culture (The 40th Annual Conference) , Osaka, Japan, 27th October. 2011.

Textbook ( Translation )
1)『Tomodachi Nihongo: Learning Casual Japanese for Friends with Various Characters』,Aya Sakai/Yusuke Takagi/Tomoko Kawanabe/Nobuhiro Saito, Kurosio, September. 2019.
2)『The Great Japanese : 30 stories (Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate Levels)』, Satoru Ishikawa, Kurosio, June. 2019.
3)『Pop Culture-NEW & OLD(Elementary and Intermediate Japanese through Pop Culture)』, Yoshiro Hanai, Kurosio, April. 2017.
4)『The Great Japanese : 30 stories (Intermediate and Advanced Levels)』, Satoru Ishikawa, Kurosio, May. 2016.
5)『Shadowing Let’s speak Japanese! 』, Hitoshi Saito et al., Kurosio, March. 2016.
6)『NEJ:A New Approach to Elementary Japanese [vol.1] [vol.2]』, Koichi Nishiguchi, Kurosio, June.2013(vol.1)/October. 2013(vol.2).

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