William David Galloway

William David Galloway

Part-time Lecturer
Graduate School of Media and Governance
DegreesPh.D. (Environmental Design) - The University of Tokyo
Short BiographyStudy
1996 Bachelor of Environmental Design, University of Manitoba, Faculty of Architecture
2001 Master of Architecture, University of Manitoba, Faculty of Architecture
2008 PhD, University of Tokyo, Graduate School Of Frontier Sciences, Dept of Environmental Studies (advisor Dr. Hidetoshi Ohno)

1996 Fukumi Architects and Associates; senior design architect
2002 Priestman Architects (London); project architect
2003 Jump Studios (London); project architect
2006 to present frontofficetokyo; director

2000 AIA/AAF Scholarship for First Professional Degree Candidates
2001 American Institute of Architects Student Medal
2001 Royal Architectural Institute of Canada Honor Roll
2002 Canadian Architect Award of Excellence in architecture
2004 Archiprix International; Honorable Mention
2004 Monbukagakusho Doctoral Research Scholarship
2005 Yamagiwa Art Foundation Research Scholarship
2008 Wallpaper* World's 50 Hottest Young Practices
2012 International Architecture Award
2013 WAN Residential Architecture Award Shortlist
Areas of ExpertiseArchitecture, Urban Planning and Sustainable Development
Selected PublicationsGalloway, William. “Smart Growth.” The Berkshire Encyclopedia of Sustainability: Vol. 2 The Business of Sustainability. Ed. Chris Laszlo,et al. Great Barrington, Massachusetts, 2010. pp409-413.

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Galloway, William. “North American-type Smart Growth and the Japanese Suburb: A Case Study.” Journal of Asian Architecture and Building Engineering. Volume 6, No.1 (May, 2007): pp. 95-102.

Selected Professional Publications - written by myself and other authors regarding my work as an architect

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Message to StudentsMy interests lay with finding solutions to environmental design issues through examination of existing circumstances.
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