Eiichi Tajima

Faculty of Policy Management
Graduate School of Media and Governance
Areas of ExpertiseThe Study on China, Especially on Chinese Civil Society, Public Religions, and Chinese Christian Associations.
Courses TaughtCHINESE INTENSIVE 4 C1,REGION AND SOCIETY (ASIA-PACIFIC),NATION-STATES AND NATIONALISM,MASTER SEMINAR,SEMINAR(Aiming at Social Self-Governance - Reflections on Publicness form the Viewpoint of the Lifeworld.),ACADEMIC PROJECT (Global Governance and Regional Strategy (Global))
AffiliationsThe Academic Society For Asian Symbiosis, Japanese Society of Christian Social Welfare
Selected Publications "The Specifier Position of Chinese Nouns as an Escape Hatch." Current Issues of Sino-Tibetan Linguistics. (1994)
China in the 21st century narrated by Jiang Zemin and Zhu Rongji(Hakuteisha, 1999)
"Chinese" as a life-style(Shueisha, 2001)
"Nationalism and its Governance in the Late Nation-state. - on So-called "Tibet Problem" in China." The Extreme Studies on Policy Management vol.3 (Keio University Press, 2003)
Shanghai - the blast furnace of continental spirit and oceanic spirit (PHP Institute, 2004)
There must be other answers - beyond globalization (Keio University Press, 2004, including some comments on globalization)
"For Area Studies and Education of Another Language as Discipline on the Real World."The Re-design of Foreign Language Education(Keio University Press, 2005)
"Sino-Japanese Relationship in the 'Patriotism' Era."International Affairs No.549 (2005) 
"From Involuntary to Voluntary -Religious NPOs in `Patriotism` Era"Contemporary Globalism, Nationalism and Localism(Keio University Press, 2006)
Chinese as Ordinary People who I met (PHP Institute, 2006)
Nationalism as a Toy (Asahi Shimbun Company,2007)
"State-Social Relationship and Christianity in China" China21 Vol.28(2007)
"Framework and Practical Analysis of Chinese Nationalism" (Nihonhyoronsha, 2008)
The Spirit of Cooperative Organizations -- The Alternative Which Emerges from Mediate Organizations (Keio University Press, 2009)
"Chinese Christianity in the 50s and the 70s"(Keio University Press, 2011)
Sustainable Development in Asia (Keio University Press 2013)
"Perversion and Crash of Populism between Japan and China. "China 21 Vol.39(2014)
"Political Environment of Chinese Christianity." (Toa No.567, 2014)
"The Management Policy against Domestic Christianity and Foreign Policy of Xi Jinping Administration." (Toa No.623, 2019)
"Coexistence and Public Religions from the Viewpoint of Christian Ethics."(Horitsu Bunka Press, 2020)
Message to Students There is no good criticism without good understanding, and there is no good understanding without love. People who you will face through area studies should be people you must love. First of all, let's go to the area to eat the food which they eat, breathe the air which they breathe, Data and theory are of secondary importance.
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