Shinya Masuda

Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care
DegreesPh.D. in Psychology, Keio University, 2006
Short Biography[Graduate school]
1995/03/31 Withdrawal after completion of course requirements Doctor Course Graduate School, Division of Sociology, Keio University
1992/03/31 Completed Master Course Graduate School, Division of Sociology, Keio University
[University,College and other]
1990/03/31 Graduated Faculty of Letters, Keio University(University)
Areas of ExpertisePsychology
AffiliationsJapanese Psychological Association, Japanese Society of Community Psychology, Japanese Society of Social Psychology, Japanese Association of Health Psychology, Behaviormetric Society of Japan, Japanese Association of Administrative Science, Japan Academy of Home Care
Selected PublicationsDecision making of elderly people: Escape from choice. Japanese Psychological Review, 1997, 40, 457-465.

Recent status and issues on burnout research: Problems with Maslach Burnout Inventory. Japanese Journal of Community Psychology, 1999, 21-32.

The effect of available choices on ambiguity aversion: An examination of different types of ambiguity. The Japanese Journal of Psychology, 2002, 73, 34-41.

Illusion of control: Consideration of the experimental manipulations and the measurement methods, Japanese Psychological Review, 2002, 45, 125-140.

The relationship between personality traits of care workers and job evaluations. Japanese Association of Industrial/Organizational Psychology Journal, 2003, 17, 3-14.

Effects of item wording direction and grouping on psychological measures. The Japanese Journal of Health Psychology, 2012, 25, 31-41.
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Contact Information4411 Endo Fujisawa, Kanagawa 252-0883 Japan
Keio University Shonan Fujisawa Campus